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  1. I run reds when they are useless reds. As in lights designed for singleplayer traffic. Players can only go the direction they are going. They cant turn due to barriers blocking. I will run them And lights if you can only go one direction, so if im going straight then only the other direction i can go is right. I will go right and run the light, and for the other traffic they can only go left.
  2. I'm not saying that everyone is unhappy, im stating my opinion. U may agree, but what i see is, you are fine with the "Simulation" side, so my issue would not even effect you. Since i want collision in atleast one of the Arcade servers, which then everyone is happy, as everyone still has the mode they wish to enjoy.
  3. Arcade 1 or 2 should 100% has collision, atleast one of them. People like to go fast and still be ets2, No collisions in like a gta race with no collisions, we aint trying to hit each other, but its boring if accidents cant happen. (Dont tell me to go play another game, i want to go fast in ets2, no gta or any other game)
  4. No longer works, you get kicked
  5. They are different games, i wouldnt want to play GTA V. Thats like sentencing someone to hell.
  6. Should Server 5 stay as a server for people who just want to mess around and use police cars. I personally think it should as i find it fun as i dont always want to drive around normally (yes there are other games im aware) It could be a way of keeping *some* of the trolls out as well. What does the community think about this idea? | Just a idea, even if the poll gets alot of Yes/No's it doesnt mean anything will become of this. I know people dont like the idea of it, but the way I see it. Its not something you have to play, its optional.
  7. Its a terrible road to drive along, I do like it for the traffic aspect, due to no AI, its nice to see some traffic however due to poor optimisation due to mod not being stable, fps just drops massively. People cannot drive either. The turn to get off and on the main stretch of road to calais is horrible. People won't line up and wait to turn, u get people turning from the middle lane and the outer lane causing crashes and havoc.
  8. Don't think i have ever lost all of my fuel in my truck. I have gotten close to once during the ETS2 Christmas Event 2018, however got to the fuel station in time, only time i had the message of low fuel as well.
  9. Yeah, not atall blaming the current moderation. As i don't know the facts, for all i know this could be just bad luck on my part. Maybe is a lack of moderaters on the servers. I have been sticking to website reports for now as its getting ridiculous
  10. Do your "Ingame reports" get looked at? Not website reports, specially ingame moderation Zero of my in-game reports have been looked at in the last couple of months /* This is no hate towards moderation, just want to see a community response */ Edit: This has been moved to general discussion (I had in wrong location) Personally, i can only go off my experience in ETS2 as i have never reported anyone in ATS or have played much ATSMP
  11. Just a Steering Wheel Animation Mod And the christmas tree mod.
  12. I dont personally mind people doing that, just do it out of peoples way.
  13. Fair enough, it is christmas time, new year. Not many mods around. I just got use to it, my reports have never got seen in the game for the last year
  14. I personally love the physics
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