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  1. I have made a quick tutorial on how to Local mod if anyone is interested
  2. I don't like the speedlimit. The arcade server is just useless if there is no collisions. Like accidents happen. If they want a speedlimit. Put a speed limit in high congested areas. Not everywhere on the map. I think they should just go back to Europe 1 and Europe 2. More people were on Europe #2 anyway. Europe 1 - Simulation, speedlimit Europe 2 - No Speed limit (Or when it was capped at 93mph) + collisions.
  3. Hi, I recommend running a MD5 Check on the files and comparing to the ones TruckersMP provided. If they are different, most likely your download corrupted. You won't see the mods in the mod manager, so load up into TruckersMP and you should see snow.
  4. I run reds when they are useless reds. As in lights designed for singleplayer traffic. Players can only go the direction they are going. They cant turn due to barriers blocking. I will run them And lights if you can only go one direction, so if im going straight then only the other direction i can go is right. I will go right and run the light, and for the other traffic they can only go left.
  5. I'm not saying that everyone is unhappy, im stating my opinion. U may agree, but what i see is, you are fine with the "Simulation" side, so my issue would not even effect you. Since i want collision in atleast one of the Arcade servers, which then everyone is happy, as everyone still has the mode they wish to enjoy.
  6. Arcade 1 or 2 should 100% has collision, atleast one of them. People like to go fast and still be ets2, No collisions in like a gta race with no collisions, we aint trying to hit each other, but its boring if accidents cant happen. (Dont tell me to go play another game, i want to go fast in ets2, no gta or any other game)
  7. No longer works, you get kicked
  8. Suggestion Name: Client Side Mod Support (Specific mods, ones that do not effect other players Suggestion Description: First I made a post in the general discussion to see what other people in the community think and got a general response to my idea. As the winter mod has been allowed in multiplayer, it has not been hosted by TruckersMP and only checked through the filename and the MD5. In theory (If im right), support mods that only effect the client should not use any extra storage on TruckersMP side or anyone who doesn't wish to use the mod, for example the winter mod. As anyone who doesn't wish to use the mod is not required to download it, it shouldn't effect TruckersMP install side by much. My idea is, if TruckersMP can get in contact with some modders and have the ability to create a list of file names + MD5 in a database (or how ever you would like to implement this) which would check which files that are in the mod folder and compare them with what is in the database. If the files to do match (incorrect names or MD5) the server would refuse to let them connect. Checking the MD5 would see if a file has been tempered with or corrupt as the specific file would have a different MD5 to what the server has stored. For downloading the modification, TruckersMP would not be hosting the files and the user would have to find the mod through the actual mod creators post. (Or have a list in the forums of supported mods and where you can find them) Any example images: N/A Why should it be added?: Having optional mods would improve the players overall experience. As for the winter mod, players can get a higher framerate and a smoother experience aswell as having the game look how they want to have it without effecting anyone else's experience. However, in the post I made in the general discussions the community would not like to have the physics mod at all times. (Due to effecting other players experience, this can stay as a seasonal event) Similar Post:
  9. Would i be able to edit my save to haul double trailers outside where its default set in Scandinavia? Such as in the uk and so. I read the rules and i wasn't too sure, i dont want to risk a ban
  10. In game im driving about however in the top right it says "authenticating". why wont it connect
  11. Again, already done....... same thing as before
  12. I do not own ats, i told the launcher not to install it, however it keeps installing it
  13. Idk, i uninstalled and reinstalled. Cant get past it
  14. I've checked the SCS suggestions and they have got requests to change the UI or add more, but if the multiplayer team would be able to implement it, i think it would be really nice to have. And i dont mean change the UI for everyone just like if you want it, such as the snow mod, you could have it
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