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  1. So hot today! So thought I would go interest myself with a can of Monster. 

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. [WTLVTC] BatmanAlexeh

      [WTLVTC] BatmanAlexeh

      Ah yeh i like that one  :) some good flavours monster has.

    3. WTLVTC - Smalley

      WTLVTC - Smalley

      I've only tried the white one and standard so far

    4. ShawnCZek


      Monster and Redbull are love! :love:



    1. The_Bounty


      High Hope by panic at the disco is the Sh!t


  3. Can you please see the appeal prohibitions.

    1. TFM DJ ccowie

      TFM DJ ccowie

      Hello, if you were banned, you must simply be patient and wait for the appeal to be viewed. Asking won't speed up the process. Smalley has many appeals, reports, and bans to handle, not only yours.


    2. NeonLeon


      The forum isn't a place to talk about a ban. Please use the appeal or feedback system in this case (truckersmp.com/appeals and truckersmp.com/feedback). Maybe a CM will lock this status update?

    3. Lukavsky TMP

      Lukavsky TMP

      As @NeonLeon said.  

      Be patient,Smalley will check your appeal.


  4. England may have lost today's match, however we have one more chance against Belgium to position 3rd place. 

    1. Neighbor Jones

      Neighbor Jones

      You reckon you will?

    2. WTLVTC - Smalley

      WTLVTC - Smalley



      We'll have to wait and see

    3. stilldre1976


      they did us proud just wasn't meant to be great young team for 2020 tho

  5. Happy Birthday buddy, Have a great day :) 

  6. IT'S COMING HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!








    My dog, it's coming home from its walk. :troll: 

    1. [Solar] D4NNY

      [Solar] D4NNY

      very funny hahaha

  7. Happy Birthday big man. Now don't go jugging down all the pints. Save some for us ;) Hope you have a good day though :) 

    1. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      Happy Birthday :) Have a great day :) 

  8. Sorry to see you go :( Will miss you buddy. Wish you the best of luck in future! and hope to see you back soon

    1. LSPD Gamer

      LSPD Gamer

      I am only making a trip and I want to enjoy the time with my family.

      Rejoining later, probably 

    2. WTLVTC - Smalley

      WTLVTC - Smalley

      Have a safe trip though. We understand :) 

  9. :thinking: 


    I wonder what the weather has been like today? :troll: 

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    2. #Sikora


      If you guys don't like hot weather we will send you rain and t-storms from Croatia because we are already sick of that weather.

    3. LordBenji


      For today's forecast, we'll have a storm of bad drivers clustered in a specific road.


      Oh excuse me, I mean rain and hot temperature :troll: 

    4. Magnus[K7V]


      The first minute was a hot summer day and the next minute was already heavy rain, haha :troll:

  10. Maybe I should be more active on the forum :thinking: 

  11. Having to take my car to the garage tomorrow. :( Handbrake is not working properly. I can drive with the handbrake on with no hesitation what so ever. 

    1. MrBrandman


      Who needs a handbrake. Its an optional accessory :kappa:

    2. LordBenji


      My coworker asked me what was the arm position for the handbrake to be turned on, on the electric forklift at work... then he was driving and showed me that whether it was pulled or pushed, the lift didn't seem to brake x) but I know it was supposed to be pulled for it to be engaged

    3. [VIVA] Kravatie

      [VIVA] Kravatie

      where did my comment go



  12. Happy Birthday Fam! Hope you have a good day today. Lets see if you get a better BMW :thinking: 

    1. Bonnm


      Thank you smalley! <3 

      I hope :3

  13. image_uploaded_from_ios.jpg


    Such a stunning little car. Without a doubt better then my old instructors car thats for sure 

  14. Thanks for the follow! Much appreciated :) 

    1. Szeszej


      My pleasure bro <3

  15. Happy Birthday my dude :) Hope you have an awesome day! :D 

    1. ZuLynx


      Thank's mate !