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  1. Nice guide, Its very useful and helpful
  2. It depends on your internet. I don't have any issues when signing into different servers. Re install ets2mp if this still carries on and restart your internet if possible
  3. The feels when TruckDriver is 4 months older than you. RIP feelings :c

    1. konfig0
    2. Smalley


      You're 4 months older then me :c my birthday is in may

  4. It will get boring after a while just driving on your own on a seperate private server
  5. Could also be a great idea if we could copy the steamID64 to a clipboard for example you left click on the steamID and it will automatically copy it for you so you don't have to waste your time just looking for their profile
  6. I like it as it basically something which Need For Speed has.
  7. Convoy Leader, Convoy Control, etc is allowed just not Police or Admin or Mod Convoy Leader is fine. But people tend to forget to change their tags after they have done with the convoy. Thats the problem. But Convoy Leader is fine to use
  8. I mean it could be useful an all but whats the point of using it when the max distance allowance on the map is 600m, we won't really get to see other people that much on the map and most of the time we're driving when we see people. Neutral but could be useful
  9. Where did he get ets2 from? if it is a non steam ets2, he needs to look at the following. Steam> Games > Activate A Product On steam and follow the simple instructions then once Product Key pops up, he needs to put his product key which he got with the game in there. Then he should have ets2 on steam
  10. Shall I exchange my DAF euro 6 for the new Renault Range T when it comes out? hmmmmm, hard decision

  11. Good idea for an addon, especially for the admins as they have more vehicles to drive then just a Skoda xP +1
  12. The person who reported this player could of got the wrong steamID64 and the admin didnt realise
  13. Can you upload a video so we can understand it more clearly?
  14. Try putting it into opt, dont put it into a temporary beta
  15. It's kind of weird making a video on how to go through a roundabout
  16. Shouldnt be worried as it gives you extra time to deliver it also more time for the vtc aswell
  17. I am actually really happy now you made this, thank you
  18. I think they are currently resetting it, just be patient and the developers will tell you
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