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  11. Hello there. Thanks for the question. My favourite route in ETS would be wither the Scandinavian roads or routes from Road to black sea (Mostly Turkey and Romania)
  12. My favourite truck on ETS is no doubt My beloved Beast, a R730 Scania Streamline. Absolutely love it. I have 1,2 mil KM with her so yeah. I adore it On ATS I like the old Peterbilt ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I like that citaro down there in your signature
  13. Hello there! Thank you for the question. I usually use the normal brake but it really depends on the situation. I like using my retarder too. (ONLY on straight roads Who knows... knows )
  14. Hello. Thanks for your question. For ETS will probably be Road to Black Sea and for ATS , probably Idaho
  15. Haallooooo there. If I sit and enumerate all my 47 trucks, probably I will finish tomorrow. (I've never driven some of them btw)
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  17. Picture credits go to @steviep_04
  18. TruckersMP Real Operations 12 (26/09/2021)




    1. RedWolf [CZ]

      RedWolf [CZ]

      It was really amazing event! Hope it will be more in the future!


      Again, well done TMP



    2. Freedom RP  Seventee
    3. Killua  // Ireland ^_^
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