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  1. Thank you for the follow! 🥂

  2. i kinda was thinking the same way as you ( i said kind of ) until i met a GM who was really nice to me and he literally changed my vision for TMP i thought TMP is a horror game you should always drive very strict and not braking any single road rule or you will be highly punished and blablabla but it's not like that , you should follow the rules and don't bother other players and don't cheat and do stuff like that , after all they know that sometimes bugs happens and sh*t like that , so the main rule is play with realisme prentend that you're a truck driver and feel the responsability of your truck and your bills and keep in mind that TMP without moderators will be like a kindergarten , hope i convinced you even a litlle
  3. About the Volvo i'm talking ❤️

    SodaPDF-converted-y2mate.com - Huge Load Takes Six Trucks to Transport  ViralHog_1080p.00_00_14_15.Still002.jpg

    SodaPDF-converted-y2mate.com - Huge Load Takes Six Trucks to Transport  ViralHog_1080p.00_00_10_02.Still001.jpg

  4. i heard that SCS will add the new MAN TGX as soon it will released in real life it would be alsom released in ets as the same time as the DAF , well what i really want SCS to add is the new IVECO S-WAY it looks kinda better then the HI-WAY but yea and also i wanna a new Mercedes with new technology i'm done with that actros
  5. Well it depends from the cargo , i mean if i'm caring a heavy cargo i recently apply the road speed limit (60/80kmh) but if i'm free or i have a very light cargo i can go to 110 if none is around but i always take care about other players
  6. 100% true The red Skoda would create a disaster
  7. Yup i saw it and i was so happy , thanks god TMP is back again
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