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  1. coolio859

    cant get online

    Hi, @MADDOG Not sure if this has been solved but could you please tell us what message was being given when you got kicked. Thanks coolio859,
  2. coolio859

    Racing Championship - Summer 2019

    It's fathers day so probably can't make it sorry hope it goes well
  3. coolio859

    Alpha Haulage Ltd.

    Such a great convoy thanks to everyone who joined
  4. coolio859

    Lower Game Ping kick to 300

    Suggestion Name: Lowering ping to 300 for auto kick Suggestion Description: Lowering the average ping to kick people at roughly 300 to stop laggers causing issues Any example images: Why should it be added?: Whilst my connection isn't always perfect as members from AHL could testify for. When doing the AHL 1 year convoy there was a lagger that caused a lot of issues and split up the convoy. Why this should be added is to cause less hassle for people playing with a more reliable connection. For people who might complain it's due to where they live if you are in America don't use a European server if you have high ping because it makes the gameplay less enjoyable for everyone else Hope everyone reading has a good day, Thanks coolio859,
  5. Thanks AHL Management for the amazing 1 year convoy. Proud to be a member of AHL