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  1. Callum455


    Do you have local mods installed? This could b your issue. Pro mods is very iffy when it comes to local mods and it can cause Promods to crash. I would reinstall pro mods from the website and make a new profile or restore a backup (Without your local mods) then try and load pro mods up again. There are guides for using local mods with Promods but it's not recommended. Finally try removing your pro mods files like companies as they are extra files for pro mods you should have these files listed below and that's it the other's could be causing instability within your game.
  2. You can always try and save edit the mirrors you want, there are many guides on the forum and on youtube that can help. However there are risks to save editing. Finally you can always look into local modding but this has the biggest risk out of all 3 options. There might be a local mod that helps you but getting them installed can be very risky and break your profile so I highly recommend you don't do this or if you do make sure to backup your profile before you try. I hope that this can help your situation.
  3. I think personally it just needs to be updated as they look quite out of date.
  4. I like the idea of new interiors, but they wouldn't have enough time especially once every 4 weeks. Maybe if they make 4 or 5 different interiors like one for cars one for trucks one for vans and one for other. This way they wouldn't have to make a new one every-time just use a different style.
  5. I like SCS mp because its fun with friends (no speed limit or risk of being banned when you troll eachother) you also don't have to worry about other drivers being reckless and trolling like you would in TMP. However TMP has a big multiplayer base and it can be fun especially on pro mods and the convoys that VTC'S provide. They both have their positives and negatives.
  6. I like this idea it would make reporting a player in a busy area so much easier.
  7. I think the sounds for the car and the way that it looks needs to be changed. If you look at them closely you can see that they float they don't sit on the road. I also think the physics need to be fixed like if you turn and break you will end up flying off the map and rolling over somewhere. I think the fuel is sufficient for them but that's something you can easily save edit.
  8. It's better to attempt to stop as the admins can usually see when you Attempt to stop, the admin would most likely kick the person that tipped to prevent this accident from happening in the first place, if you alt f4 it could cause the person behind to crash into you
  9. Sim 2 just seems to be more stable at times, people want to join the server with the most people on.
  10. It wont be the end of TMP, Its a local multiplayer as said it can have a max of 8 people so it's made for friends. People will still want to drive on pro mods and C-D road. Most VTC'S have more than 8 people so i can just see it being used for friends or for small twitch streamers that want to drive with fans all over the map.
  11. I feel that this happens every time the game goes on sale. To give the mods credit they do a fantastic job at keeping trolls away and with the web report system it's easy to remove the toxic players in the game. I drive on pro mods as first off you need DLC witch costs quite a lot of money. It wont be worth buying all the DLC just to troll on pro mods and get banned so a lot less people do.
  12. Most the road in ATS and it definitely has to be England in ETS. It feel like SCS copy and pasted the scenery and the roads.
  13. I would say firstly make an event page that you can use for advertising, try to contact some streamers though an email asking if they would like to attend the event. If the event doesn't have a discord you should make one for members and for your staff such as CC. Then advertise is discord servers but only if the managers or moderators allow you to, If it's a VTC contact the management and ask if they could attend the event or ask them if they want to book a parking slot. Don't just ask the big VTC's there are plenty of smaller vtc's that would happily attend. Overall this would be my way of advertising an event and getting slots booked.
  14. Prime CC tonight.:truestory:






    Thank you to everyone who attended, we appreciate each and every one of you! 

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    2. wesleyr99


      Beautiful landscape 👍

    3. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      Lovely photo 🥰

    4. Callum455


      Thank you all


      @Lena'I have moved away from Scanias and i'm more into MAN trucks now, it's hard to find a clean and simple paint job for them, i'm really happy with this one at the moment.


      @wesleyr99 Thank you, I went into single player and flew around quite a few places.


      @Killua // Ireland ^_^ Thank you, I want to start editing pictures.

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