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  1. Resurfacing:

    Calais - Duisburg Road


    ETA: 3-4 Hours

    Cost: €4.5 Million

    Lifespan: 1/2 Weeks

    1. TrademarkGamer


      That's a name I haven't seen for a while

  2. Yeah ATSMP would be a freaking epic experience
  3. On my way home from work... i'll see you on the road when i get in ;)

    1. Darth Wazawai

      Darth Wazawai

      So you're going to drive your truck threw your homes living room just to join us on the road?

  4. Hey Aragon, just a quick one and this is going to sound really noobish.... but how do you PM someone? i cannot see any obvious PM buttons etc. Cheers :)

    1. Aragon


      Sorry about the late reply...forum didn't give me any notification that this was in here and I rarely ever click on my profile feed...anyways you don't see this button? http://prntscr.com/8t9ryq

  5. Just made my Company post for Viper haulage... I Can't wait for it to be approved :)

    1. jacoblovekw


      Good luck with your vtc mate :D

    2. CrimsonDrift


      Cheers man, we're already pretty big... we just decided that the forum would help us out with recruitment :)

  6. Who has the Cheesiest Trucking Joke? Did you hear Peterbilt, Kenworth and Freightliner are creating a truck together? The new truck will be called "PeterWorthShakin"
  7. Just give the all the admins a lifetime supply of cookies.... admins like cookies
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