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  1. Resurfacing:

    Calais - Duisburg Road


    ETA: 3-4 Hours

    Cost: €4.5 Million

    Lifespan: 1/2 Weeks

    1. TrademarkGamer


      That's a name I haven't seen for a while

  2. Yeah ATSMP would be a freaking epic experience
  3. On my way home from work... i'll see you on the road when i get in ;)

    1. Darth Wazawai

      Darth Wazawai

      So you're going to drive your truck threw your homes living room just to join us on the road?

  4. Hey Aragon, just a quick one and this is going to sound really noobish.... but how do you PM someone? i cannot see any obvious PM buttons etc. Cheers :)

    1. Aragon


      Sorry about the late reply...forum didn't give me any notification that this was in here and I rarely ever click on my profile feed...anyways you don't see this button? http://prntscr.com/8t9ryq

  5. Just made my Company post for Viper haulage... I Can't wait for it to be approved :)

    1. jacoblovekw


      Good luck with your vtc mate :D

    2. CrimsonDrift


      Cheers man, we're already pretty big... we just decided that the forum would help us out with recruitment :)

  6. Who has the Cheesiest Trucking Joke? Did you hear Peterbilt, Kenworth and Freightliner are creating a truck together? The new truck will be called "PeterWorthShakin"
  7. Just give the all the admins a lifetime supply of cookies.... admins like cookies
  8. Noooooooooooo Waaaayyyyy!!! thats brilliant... i think everyone should connect to the server with Superhero names, and colour their trucks in the proper colours too. It would be awesome!
  9. CrimsonDrift

    Ban Appeals

    Do you guys sometimes look at some of the ban appeals and just think to yourselves "wow, id hate to be an admin". i mean some the things people do and then blame it on stupid shit is hilarious... its like the whole "my dog ate my homework" but instead its like 10x more exaggerated like "my nan's, brother's, cousin's, son's, girlfriend's, sister's boyfriend's, mum's cat jumped up and started walking all over my keyboard, and so i accidentally drove down the wrong side of the road for 3km" then admins are just like "Declined, post closed"
  10. i drive a Scania Streamline R730 with a midlift axle configuration. I find it feels strange to drive anything else and i do also really like the look of the Scania Streamlines. My possible second favourite truck is the new Mercedes Actros MP4... i do love to drive the Merc from time to time.
  11. WHAT IF, triplogger was bought by myvtc.net because they saw that bigger vtc's were making the switch to triplogger and so they bought them out in order to keep their site more active?????
  12. ^ car with a truck interior.... Awesome
  13. Yeah, its a shame... but i've got to do something or my company wont have anywhere to log jobs...
  14. So yesterday, i was just driving around on mutliplayer... hauling loads and thinking everything is well with the ETS2MP world.... Suddenly! A wild person appeared on my near players tab menu "Robert Downy Jr". i though nothing of it, either someone really likes R.D Jr, or Robert decided to play some ETS, either way i was cool with it (even though the latter would have been awesome). So I finally arrived in Poznan from Glasgow, it was a pretty lengthy drive, so i decided to take 5 and get a drink, only to come back to "Tony Stark" being in front of me. So I'm thinking "wow, pretty cool coincidence". Feeling very refreshed and ready to hit the road again, i grabbed my trailer from FCP in Poznan and started my shorter journey over to Dresden. About half way there i start to lag a little to i checked my near players tab menu and see a big convoy heading towards me, no biggy right? It wasn't until the convoy came past me, I saw the same "Robert Downey Jr." and "Tony Stark" from earlier up front, followed by "Jarvis", "Iron Man", "Cpt. America", "Hawk Eye", "Black Widow", "Hulk" and "Thor" all in there correct colours corresponding to the Marvel Superheroes. It was at this point I decided to get off ETS2MP for a little while as i'd been driving for a few hours now and was feeling tired, which brings me to the point of this story.... I dont know if i actually saw this or if i was just absolutely wrecked from staring at a monitor for hours on end..... Have you gets seen the ETS2MP Avengers around? Reply and let me know. Thanks for reading guys! XD
  15. I was in the middle of switching over Viper Haulage to triplogger from myvtc.net and then they started the update.... Im thinking of using myvtc.net again though to be honest.... I have no idea what's happened to the site
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