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  1. congratulations TRUCKERSMP STAFF

  2. I promised to post ETS content but eh, yeah, kinda got carried away again with TSW :LUL:


    1. Levi [NL/GER]

      Levi [NL/GER]

      @[RLC] Leo I mean, I had to get out to take the picture so you've got a good point there :LUL:

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  3. TMP should partner up with IFMP ;)

    1. Levi [NL/GER]

      Levi [NL/GER]

      Chris just unplug your router for a few weeks :LUL:

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  4. My old teammate, congratulations on getting a new role, good luck.

    1. Levi [NL/GER]

      Levi [NL/GER]

      Thank you Alon! Hope to see you back soon ❤️

  5. Welcomein the truckersmp team 

  6. welcome to the teeeeeeeeeeam

    1. Levi [NL/GER]

      Levi [NL/GER]

      Thank you courtz ❤️ 

      Congrats to you aswell :D 

  7. And another bites the dust. :kappa:



  8. van harte gefeliciteerd met uw verjaardag  :wub::rolleyes:

    1. Levi [NL/GER]

      Levi [NL/GER]

      Dankjewel Lorenzy! <3

  9. С днём рождения :wub::mlg_doge:

    1. Levi [NL/GER]

      Levi [NL/GER]

      Спасибо Blackskill! <3

  10. Alles gute zum Geburtstag. :p

  11. With the MP4 picking up a brand new flatbed :D



  12. Back driving the DAF again :D 



  13. Good Morning. Have a nice day!:)

  14. Get to pick up my new car tomorrow! :D I will post a picture when I get it.

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