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  1. The Update for MP is not compatible but you can play the out opt version of it till TMP sort it out with the VNL
  2. anyone knows any local mods that will work on ATS please 


    The 389 accessory pack not working has that is local mod only and keep getting kicked and telling me to report to TMP 

  3. Alles Gute Zum Geburtstag :love:


    Ive spoken to lovely admin Natalia and the double long trailers is still prohibited. These double long trailer are the same length as the Heavy Cargo Trailers, Can we have another review please?

    Nitrodax777 - -There needs to be an exception reviewed for the use of these trailers in MP. turnpike doubles are allowed in both NM and NV. and this mod in particular only uses SCS assets by replacing the SCS box trailer shorts with the SCS box trailer longs for existing combination sets. it is impossible to crash other players using this since no outside assets are implemented. this mod is 100% SAFE. so if youre gonna ban players for using a simple trailer replacement like this, you may as well ban all other players who use replacement mods like no cargo mods for the magnitude 55l and other flatbeds, convoy mods that replace all trailers with 1 type, or mods that change trailer colors, ALL of which, are still save editing in the same way, and much more common to see than these. - -


    1. [RLC] Leo

      [RLC] Leo

      So if the mods has been removed, these trailer can be used as local mods only but i need admin's discretion!!

    2. [RLC] Leo

      [RLC] Leo

      Well the point is that I've tried and tested in the SP mode and it works in corners (driven by a professional) and it works in corner perfectly well

      This is Great Dane Trailer


  5. Should there be a list of local mods only list that will work on TMP so we could have an idea
  6. Scania RJL and Volvo Ohahas doesn't work on MP tested and it shows a normal plain Scania and Volvo's even lowered ones, you won't see them too, so I don't know which local mods that's works on MP, the only thing that works is ForeRunners and that one is shows perfectly well
  7. Hey Natalia This is my RJL T Range Scania, it not overly excessive save editing but the roofbar behind is not local mod only its from ets2 mods on google ( look at the horns ) but i could put it on the roofbar https://imgur.com/a/rZih7gN It also wont let me put as a normal scania (nose bonnet) because some arn't RJL Some parts will be installed from ForeRunners Mods as well which isnt up to date yet
  8. Was dating back 2015 when everything was new and then started going on MP and the time I landed in Europoort I thought what the flip, and the traffic was immense and people was going way to fast and a little curve right and boom crash lol. A little year later it now DUISBURG AND CALAIS intersection under bridge and all the way to level crossing lol and I had some funny moments, I'm seeing loads of pals driving by me and stuck in traffic and reporting others overtaken me, it just makes me laugh
  9. Is Scania RJL allowed but not fully modded like less modded? Some will be local only mods and no excessive save editings Bit of Scania Griffith Some RJLs Sunsheild And is Scania Nose Bonnet (T range) allowed? But will be using Griffith mods
  10. With the mods removed, you can have any trucks and modded but it needs to have 1 slot each and no more as it will be classed has excessive save edit so looking forward to that,
  11. When people saying it hard to turn them, means ur not professional enough, I have used 2 double long trailers and there are easy and simple but turnpike ain't allowed on TMP but with the local mods only, I've asked will it be allowed so have to wait and see
  12. Main route is from Hobbs to Tucson but loads of truck drives pass me towards jackpot and mucca
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