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  1. TearsFearsTR

    Dostlar Konağı 18 Mart Çanakkale Zafer Konvoyu

    Mutlaka Bu Konvoyda Olmaya Çalışacağım.
  2. TearsFearsTR

    Human Resources Team

    Thank you for the info 
  3. TearsFearsTR

    TruckersMP stream calendar

    Thank you for the information
  4. TearsFearsTR

    Mevlid Kandili

    Tüm islam aleminin Kandili Mübarek olsun.
  5. TearsFearsTR

    In-game report or website-report?

    Most of the time I use both, however, reporting someone in the game usually results in a timeout
  6. TearsFearsTR


    Hey, The The cars are good in my opinion. These are the drivers who make these bad and If you don't like cars, eu 3 and eu1 exist, too.
  7. TearsFearsTR

    Do you have DLC Krone?

    Yes, l have. Dlc is nice and l recommend to buy it.
  8. TearsFearsTR

    Ranks of the TruckersMP Community

    Thank you for information
  9. TearsFearsTR

    New Support System

    Great changes! Thanks to the developers.
  10. TearsFearsTR

    Restricted Zone for Double Trailers

    Thank you for this information
  11. TearsFearsTR

    Restriction of Local save editing

    Thanks for the info. A very useful topic
  12. TearsFearsTR


    There are a lot of players that don't buy the DLC, and many of the players want to go to places where people have traffic. Like Calais Duisburg
  13. TearsFearsTR

    A new member in the Upper-Staff

    Congratulations, I wish you success.
  14. TearsFearsTR

    Feedback Categories Update

    Thanks for the update!
  15. TearsFearsTR

    Satisfaction survey

    I just completed the survey.