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  1. My only concern is how is the truck and trailer reacting with turning and acceleration/breaking and what about the hitbox ? Of course everything is possible in single player with safe edit you can even go longer then 4
  2. This should be suggested to SCS as this is in the base game and not a TruckersMP feature. Surely if SCS will add this TruckersMP will just support it.
  3. Yeah blocking VPN is a bit over the top i would not recommend that.
  4. ^ i will defiantly not be enjoyable cuz if you steer it will only flip over if you drive to fast , is not made for such big wheels. For singleplayer sure you can drive there and enjoy it without being banned.
  5. I have read it did you too ? 80 % of the players do what they like, have no knowledge of road rules and ended up banned, so who fault is that ? moderator or player hmmmmm
  6. ^then what about those players who drive without driving licenses and have no clue on the rules ?
  7. So these fake moderators will report though in-game system and these will prioritized ? so for example 5 fake moderators driving c-d and these 5 will report anything it will add up quickly imo, but what about other reports that are pending from other players ? i don't think this fair treatment and it will only favorite those who drive on C-D.
  8. And what will these fake moderators actually do ? just driving on C-D back and forth ? This is more suitable for a special event then rather on actual public server imo. Also this would make the work of the game moderator actually more difficult then that it helps, first to find out if they are actually staff or not, secondly if they have done something bannable while they are impersonating staff.
  9. This article will help you on how to install promods for TrucklersMP https://truckersmp.com/knowledge-base/article/614
  10. We can always compare the video with the game logs so we know that the perpetrator has played on that day of the recording. So we know already is like the matrix
  11. It does sound interesting but how does the moderator communicate in-game if he/she does not speak English ? maturity of the players speaks fluent English or at least basic.
  12. The siren is already pretty loud, and due to 1 tone it gets pretty annoying too after a while
  13. ^ i don't have all the answers to that, just share my opinion based on my experience, but i do see what you mean that it might look strange.
  14. ^ it is not the same as web reports, cuz with web reports we directly see player history while in-game we don't see that. the punishment is confirm intern rules, if indeed multiple offenses there should be heavier punishment based on that. The replay does indeed show it all so we act on that, but that is different if we use free cam and look at the situation different because first minutes we missed.
  15. ^ indeed a kick or ban depending on the situation - kick - small ban - large ban , and yes we check confirm intern rules. kicking lots of players sound like there was a mess involving multiple players in a spot, by kicking it will impacts the flow so that other players can continue quick and safely. if banning them obviously they did something against the rules which was not kickable, so it could not be same situation
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