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  1. +1 To this suggestion. I think that it will be great so we all will have the same conditions when driving (also we will see the wipers on other players). Obviously, the player that doesn't want the rain because of PC performance or another reason/s he/she will be able to deacivate.
  2. +1 I totally agree with this. This is a problem that starts on TMP or the game optimization, because you could have a very powerful PC and still freezing while loading. Not only in Duisburg-Calais city. This also happens to me in Luxembourg (not the busiest city of the game). Also, this "loading screen freeze" just happens on MP; in singleplayer there's no further problem. So we can tell that technically it's not our fault. The problem here is that for reconnect, you have to close the game and repeat the process. This can be avoided if we could have a "/reconnect" command that can be used on the chat and done!. And this solution is also great and more efficient that the previous one I mentioned, but the credit indeed goes on @Mr Lispy (and @butilka123 for the creation of this suggestion). If the game does all those processes before connecting, it's pretty impossible to be kicked while the load of the game.
  3. +1 For this feature. The thing is that, mentioned as above, I don't think that TMP will allow to use a mod while we play MP. Maybe it can be implemented as an optional feature, where you can activate/deactivate (obviously, in terms or rights, they will need to talk to the mod creator and see if he doesn't have any problem xd).
  4. I think that I understand what he is saying: he wants that the trucks that "go through you" while you park your trailer (we all know that usually every time the zone where you have to park is the same for every player) might change their visibility (like an opacity %) so it's easier to park. Because there're situations where there're like 3 trucks at the same spot looking for park their trailers and it's a little annoying. Well, I don't know if it's the same thing that the creator of this topic wants, but it's a try xD.
  5. +1 I think that the general concept of the idea: avoid collision with players that recently connect/reconnect by connecting only in NCZ or (like someone wrote up there) exiting ghost mode when the truck doesn't touch another one it's a nice suggestion just because it's very annoying the fact that you can loose a lot of money and XP because a nice player that doesn't pull over to a side when he quits the game or disconnects by accident.
  6. I think it's a great idea. It happens something similar to me. My loadscreen takes some 10 to 13 seconds (first load after turning on the PC), meanwhile I am already connected, losing seconds of ghost mode. The solution to this is to load the game previously on SP, so the next time, will be faster. Obviously, I never quit the game on the middle of the road, so accidents don't happen to me. Anyways, it's a better idea to change from seconds to units. So more problems will be solved, like @Glada_Laxen situation. Regrettably, it's easier to improve a better (efficient) system, rather that teach players. I mean, TMP can make videos or reports of the correct way to quit the game or make saves (a very easy thing to do, I know). But there'll always be people that wouldn't see them and cause the same problems that nowadays we're argueing for. Thinking of an official rule, so someone could ban those people that don't learn would demand a harder work from the Game moderation team (see if the situation deserves a ban or not, or if he was corrected parked or not), so again: it's easier and more efficiente to improve an existing system, so more problems will be solved.
  7. +1 For me! It's a nice feature, so we don't need to calculate our time to UTC.
  8. +1 To this!. I totally agree, there're some reports where I can't get the /pinfo because they do Alt+F4 right after crashing, loosing the /pinfo with the TMP ID and Steam64Id. The way I solve this is just finding his name at the TMP site and in almost all cases find him. But it's a tiring work to do, specially if you are the victim of an accident and you're working hard to get an id.
  9. +1 I think that there're some players that play all-day and make mistakes where they need to be banned, those bans could have full duration. But a ban for the same mistake on a player that plays one time per week would be with a less duration.
  10. In my opinion, it's 0. It could be confusing, arrows going up and down looks better for me. Watching the players at the menu while you see the distances (with a period of seconds where you realize if a truck it's coming on the opposing lane) it's a waste of time where you could already overtook the truck that you wanted to.
  11. +1 To this. It's a nice idea. We know that anyone needs a special help for overtaking. If we just concentrate on the road, the accidents can be increased. The game is not perfect and has a very limited draw distance. It's possible that "well, I don't see anyone, let's overtake this guy", and then the game draws a player at certain distance that is dangerous for both and ¡Boom! Crash. Those situations can be avoided by using this simple system. Also for those who want "realism" and think that it's better without it: an On/off feature. And I think that all of us will be happy
  12. +1 For me. I think it's just a perfect feature that the game needs to have. So it will be easier to understand player names: From left to right | Tag: (maybe a VTC) | Username: Name/Nickname of the player | Flag: country where the player is from.
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