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  1. I think it is useful ... It is true that we can concentrate on the road to advance but there are cases where players play with the graphics too low and the visibility range is low to the point that you only see the trucks when you already have them at 50 meters and you go at 110km / h.
  2. Hice un post sobre el punto 1 que mencionas, es una sugerencia de implementacion
  3. Si tu adelantamiento es en doble linea continua, el error fue tuyo porque al ser un simulador, se basa en las reglas de tránsito reales y eso es lo que indica ese tipo de línea. Como comentas, el otro conductor procedió a acelerar para que tu no pudieras incorporarte así que él tiene cierta culpa. En caso de que hubiera sido linea no continua, tu adelantamiento es adecuado porque mencionas que no es una zona mayor a 25 jugadores.
  4. I propose the implementation of a simple icon next to the distances to which each player is found in the tabulator. When there are many players in my area, it is difficult to see who is approaching and who is moving away, as you should see for a few seconds if the distance increases or decreases and a green icon could indicate if the player is approaching. and with a red if the player moves away or vice versa, as appropriate without distracting me as a driver since it is easier to see colors than numbers. This is useful when we want to pass another driver and see the ta
  5. A personalized voice channel would be fine so you can communicate with other drivers even if they are out of range. It could be through a referral code that your partner enters the TruckersMP settings within the game and thus can communicate without being close to each other. Discord is an alternative to this, but many players, including me, can not afford to use this program because it can lower some FPS and increase the ping on low-income computers.
  6. En la siguiente discusión se menciona que el multiplayer es compatible con todos los DLC: ¿Me podrían aclarar si el DLC Special Transport realmente es compatible con el MOD MP?
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