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  1. I know that I don't Need to wait, but anyways i MUST wait, because It is impossible for me to Park without waiting. Not all the players are the same, it's something to consider, i suppose.
  2. I actually wait for people to Park before approaching Park zone. I always do like this. But some players are not so kind to wait till i finish, making all my attempts useless and forcing me to go away and wait again for my turn. This is a bit annoying, You Can agree Thanks for supporting my idea.
  3. Thank You very much guys for supporting my request! I Hope developers give a chance to my Wish.
  4. I understand the difficulties of doing what i supposed to be Easy to get. I Hope i Will improve my skills and enjoy this great game at its best. Thank You very much.
  5. What I wanted to say is that people should be free to Park their trailer without any other truck matching in them. When i am approaching a delivery zone to drop my cargo many Trucks around me start to match my position making the manouvering of my truck nearly impossibile because i can't completely see where my trailer is heading because of a lot of other Trucks crossing. I request the possibility to make other Trucks appear Like transparent while they "match" my position. I Hope that anyone Can understand my screwed up english. Thank you.
  6. Hello all, my name is Michele, i am a newbie and i am from Italy. I am 34 and i Like very much this game. I posted This on another thread because i didn't find a topic that could match my request, but it was an old One, so i think could be' better to start a new topic, excuse me if i am talking of some old stuff. Suggestion Name: Ghost Trucks When Parking in Companies' no Collision Zones Suggestion Description: I think that parking in no collision zones is extremely difficult when someone approaches Park zone when u are manouvering yet to Park. I think that nearby Trucks (only the ones that match in your position) should be "ghosted", to avoid the problem of parking without seeing where ur trailer is going or how drive Tires are heading. Any example images: Nope. Why should it be added?: I Guess This could improve the gameplay especially When a player is not so able Like veteran ones, but i think This Will be appreciated By more skilled drivers. Hope You Will consider This solution. Thank You so much!
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