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  1. WebOutlaw

    Veteran 1

    Hello Sinotto, the veteran titles are given for having an forum account for a certain time. As your joined the forum on 31.08.20, your first veteran status should only be granted on 31.08.21 or 01.09.21. I hope I could answer your question. Sincerely WebOutlaw
  2. 115675796_DieNull.png.f634d26095db892425ae7a6d4d26ad16.png


    Ok Leute, wer von euch hat heute die Null gewählt, damit ich mich auch mal melden darf? 😂

  3. Hi Schlumpf, maybe this can help: And if that fails, you could check with a recording via OBS and the overlay from the video below, if there is an actual faulty input is present. Also it could be worth checking with different keyboards or another input device (e.g. a game pad, you could borrow if you don't own one) to see if the problem persists across various input options.
  4. Are you sure about this? Because i have been using the Steam cloud ever since and never had any problems with my profiles or saves. The only thing interfering with my saves, was using unsupported mods. That would be my guess here too.
  5. Also für die ein oder andere Tour wäre ich bestimmt auch zu begeitern. LG WebOutlaw / Andi
  6. Hallo Basti, auch ich kann leider zum ersten Teil nicht allzu viel sagen, da ich mich mit Speditionen schon seit geraumer Zeit nicht mehr beschäftigt habe.Aber falls die Situation sich so darstellt, wie geschildert, frage ich mich einfach nur: Warum? Denn mal ehrlich, was hat man im Endeffekt davon!? Das Spiel ansich ist doch von vornherein nicht unbedingt auf Wettkampf ausgelegt. Daher sehe ich wenig Sinn darin, sich etwas darauf einzubilden, in der größten, besten, aktivsten Spedition zu sein. Sich dann auf der Grundlage gegenseitig nichts mehr zu gönnen, kann dann ja a
  7. I have found a code for the "Goodyear Tyres Pack", that i might not have redeemed yet for it being a duplicate one.

    Whoever wants to try it, be my guest : RWTFQ-43IH4-C8F5C .

    1. Owen.


      Very kind gesture :D Luckily I have the dlc already :)

    2. WebOutlaw


      Well, since i'm not 100% sure whether the code has or has not been redeemed, it seems like the best thing to do. 😉

  8. Finally, I managed to finish a video of my experiences in Saturday's anniversary convoy. 😀


    On this way, I would like to thank all TMP staff for organizing such an event, which has been quite interesting to participate in.


  9. Two completetly different impressions of ETS 2.

    Sometimes the destination can have a huge influence on our experience.




    PS. Sorry for the poor editing skills...

    1. [AKABE]CemBSRN


      C-D Road 33 min

      PL - HU - CZ 29 min xD 


  10. But the more interesting question is: What does driving unreasonably fast and crashing into other players have to do with experience?
  11. There is a guide on how to do that here:
  12. Hello, regarding your second, question I would recommend making a new profile for multiplayer only, as mods can be activated for each profile individually. By doing so, you can easily chose the appropiate profile for the mode you intend to play.
  13. While my suggestion is only a change to the way how bans are issued and not that they are issued, I see your point of inducing anger by putting in an additional hurdle before being able to play again. So thanks for taking your time and giving some feedback. I'll admit my mentioned scenario is pointed more towards the edge cases of casual players misbehaving. However, a possible change would not put regular players at a disadvantage, as the bans would still be issued at the Game Modderators discretion. There is no thought of increased ban periods in this. T
  14. Well, a complete re-work would be a little much to ask for. Especially when it's not even sure that it would have that much of an effect on the learning process in most cases. Like I said, this was just an idea and not one of those "this should be done"-type of suggestions. In the end, every player has to realize that everyone is on the server to have fun and this can only be achieved by treating each other with respect. I'm definitely grateful for the feedback.
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