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  1. There is a guide on how to do that here:
  2. Hello, regarding your second, question I would recommend making a new profile for multiplayer only, as mods can be activated for each profile individually. By doing so, you can easily chose the appropiate profile for the mode you intend to play.
  3. While my suggestion is only a change to the way how bans are issued and not that they are issued, I see your point of inducing anger by putting in an additional hurdle before being able to play again. So thanks for taking your time and giving some feedback. I'll admit my mentioned scenario is pointed more towards the edge cases of casual players misbehaving. However, a possible change would not put regular players at a disadvantage, as the bans would still be issued at the Game Modderators discretion. There is no thought of increased ban periods in this. To be fair, there might be a loss of some time to play due to the notification of the ban reaching the player with a delay (e.g. while at work, while sleeping or while on vacation). Following that, there would definitely be some things to be considered in addition to the suggestion - especially regarding to the last example. Thanks for adding a different point of view to the discussion and taking your time to give some feedback.
  4. Well, a complete re-work would be a little much to ask for. Especially when it's not even sure that it would have that much of an effect on the learning process in most cases. Like I said, this was just an idea and not one of those "this should be done"-type of suggestions. In the end, every player has to realize that everyone is on the server to have fun and this can only be achieved by treating each other with respect. I'm definitely grateful for the feedback.
  5. Suggestion Name: Tweaking the ban system for minor bans Suggestion Description: The bans that are issued at the Game Moderators discretion (below 1 month), could be changed from starting immediately and being banned until a certain date to being banned for a set amount of days and starting as soon as the player tries to log into any TMP server. Any example images: No Why should it be added?: I think the bans have the purpose to educate players when they have done something wrong and give them some time to realize their mistake. Unfortunately, there are some scenarios where the ban can easily fail to have its educational purpose. For example, if a player is playing pretty casually - let's say every 2-3 weeks - it is possible for him to be totally unaware that a ban has been issued. Even getting notified about bans, that have no real impact on playing as they are in a time where player isn't playing anyway, is unlikely to cause a change in behaviour. This is just an idea to make sure the purpose of a ban is actually fulfilled. I don't know if the process of being banned in the mentioned scenario is completely correct as I have never been on the receiving end, but it might at least be worth a discussion. Furthermore, I don't know if a change like that could easily or even at all be implemented. I would just be glad to get some feedback - positive or negative - on this idea and if would be possible to implement.
  6. WebOutlaw

    Entabnnungs Antrag

    Dann kannst du halt im Singleplayer alles tun, um aus dieser Situation wieder rauszukommen, ohne die TMP-Regeln zu brechen. Oder halt - sofern vorhanden - in Ruhe einen Autosave laden. Danach kannst du dann wieder ohne Probleme im Multiplayer weiter fahren.
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