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  1. workinprogress.thumb.webp.728bc58ee64855bc413cd1094204f1f8.webp


    Small look at the Bing Chilling new Headquarters!


    Its coming along nicely. Of course we have our newest PzKpfw parked outfront. 

  2. Thank you for your suggestion to contact staff via feedback. I did and received answers to my questions. I still definitely find the report rating very strange however.
  3. I personally have made 23 reports over the last 2 years; 19 accepted and 4 denied. I will not go through them all to see what location each report was made, but the last 14 reports have been accepted. My last denied report was 14 Oct 2022, so why is it that I have a report limit of 8? If a ban is accepted, why is there an option to rate the report poorly? Because I didn't spend 25 minutes typing out an essay, but instead provided a quick description and video evidence (which I would say is far superior in quality) my limit remains the same for a year or more? Clearly this system needs work too. If a person somehow manages to go from a report limit of 10 to 0, I will agree they are probably doing something wrong, but if like I just outlined above, many reports have been accepted without a declined one for a long period of time... what is going on here??? So, for example, I hit my limit and have to wait 3 weeks for my reports to get reviewed. I am now left with a dysfunctional report button that provides nothing but a message after like 15 minutes saying to make a report on the website. Who thought this nonsense through? I have searched through the KB and found nothing specific about report rating quality. So how exactly does it work and how do users manage to up their report limit?
  4. I will agree, the website report 'staff rating system' is very strange. There has got to be better ways to limit unwanted ban requests than just completely disabling a user from reporting. When, much discussed by myself, the in-game reporting is literally a joke [but should still be used] how else is a user supposed to report a player. Staffing, ban and report concerns should absolutely be discussed here, but I find that more times than not, making a suggestion here [of that type] is like talking to a brick wall. So good luck.
  5. Do you really think that a server with 3000 players at one time will not have any trolls or idiots? Even if they implemented what you've outlined here, its not going to stop. That many people together at once will always cause issues, whether intended or not. If you see someone doing something that is against the rules, report them. Use quick save and load to make sure you do not have major detours on your route.
  6. Welcome to Bing Chillings'r'us.

  7. Omg... do you happen to... and its alright if you don't... do you happen to know John Xena? I'm like a big fan of him. From what I understand, he loves Bing Chilling.

  8. I think they put their calendar reminder on the wrong day.
  9. Wow very much nice! i am also big fan of you signature, nice work!
  10. Hi Ben. Nice to meet you. 

    1. _Ben


      Hello 👋

      Nice to meet you too. 🙂 

  11. Maybe you could try to verify your ETS2 files via Steam. Some good other suggestions are available here: https://truckersmp.com/knowledge-base/article/148 Hopefully something there can at least keep your game from crashing. I know when you drive to an area with lots of trucks my game lags, but not driving past just a few.
  12. Thank goodness for that. I cannot believe it was a month of that. Should have been 2 weeks max. I'm sure it has caused a lot of headaches for people, including op it would seem.
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