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  1. Well, it is annoying for other truckers if an entire convoy pulls over at a random road to wait for a trucker that got disconnected for whatever reason (crash etc). If the fuel stations and/or parking lots are non-collision zones as well, the entire convoy can regroup at the fuel station/parking lot, and wait there for disconnected truckers that can reconnect at the same place the other truckers wait. It's just an idea, there was a lot of overthinking in this thread already
  2. If places like fuel stops etc are NCZ there is no way you have to travel for 15/20 mins to connect. I'd rather someone spawn at a decent place (like a fuel stop, parking place) so there is a good and continuous flow at the road. This is possible, but people connecting at this road totally ruin the flow.
  3. Who says it switches it off as soon as they move? If it switches off once you are located in a NCZ or (idle in a safe bay as you suggested) there is no problem with ghost mode. I don't think it is a good idea to base it on time, but rather on location. If it is a very busy road (Duisburg-Calais) it is just a ticking bomb until you are switched off ghost mode and you will collide with at least one truck. Pulling into the grass won't help because if pull off the road you will be kicked by admins. Who is talking about teleport? With my suggestion
  4. You can still wait, even in NCZ I meant with making fuel stops NCZ you have to opportunity to connect to the server at the highway, therefore you don't need to enter a city (which were the complaints in this thread).
  5. Thanks for the feedback everyone! It is nice to see everyone's opinion about my suggestion. I like this idea, basically only allowing connection when not on the main road. Then make areas like emergency lanes and tank stations etc. triggers for the server to connect players who stand still on those spots. Yeah, I know this thing, but isn't it a bit weird that you have to save a file every now and then because you have to prevent colliding with a player who connects in the middle of the road? No I mean every NCZ. This will grant playe
  6. So CC are people who load save files to teleport across the map? So basically causing these problems... Maybe there should be more NCZ, like at fuel stops, then CC could still load their save file, and others don't have to be paranoid about random people loading in ETS2MP at the road itself instead of parking spaces.
  7. I hope every convoy has multiple controllers (what even are controllers, I am not familiar with convoys), so if one loses connection the convoy the others can take over and lead the convoy to the nearest parking space, where they can wait for the other controller to catch up. Maybe ETS 2 MP can extend the current non-collision zone to parking spaces, fuel stops and other places so you can also re-connect at the highway.
  8. Let the players connect to ETS2/ATS MP, but let them connect to the server in a non-collisions area. I meant the connection to a server (EU1, EU2), not the connection to the multiplayer itself. Sometimes when it is busy, you have to wait in a queue before you can connect to the server itself, until then you play in "passive" mode. If the same could be applied based on location, you should have a solution? There could be shown something like "Enter non-collision area to connect to server".
  9. Yeah indeed. Not connecting or ghost until you enter a non-collision zone, then you can connect or deactivate ghost mode. Should not be that hard to implement I think, but I know nothing about coding, so I won't judge.
  10. Title: Connect to server in non-collisions areas only Description: Sometimes you are driving along a long and boring road, then suddenly you get to a standstill. A couple of seconds later, another player connects. He disconnected or lost connection on the road, and now reconnected on the road. But at the moment he was connecting at the road, you were driving there. Your truck gets heavily damaged, and there was nothing you can do about it because you did not count on connecting players being in your way. This is frustrating, annoying and it will hurt your wallet due to repairs (
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