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  1. Suggestion Name: Add + and - signs next to distance on TAB Menu Suggestion Description: Adding a plus or a minus sign next to the distance (meters) in the TAB menu overlay, would make it easier to understand whether you are moving towards or away from a vehicle that has not yet spawned on your map. This way you'd be sufficiently aware of the traffic situation around you, while driving on sparsely populated areas. Why should it be added?: Makes it easier to be prepare for traffic while on an otherwise empty highway --especially in situations where you are driving on a 1-1 lane double road, and you are trying to figure out whether you'll come across a truck driving in front of you, or you'll see it coming towards you from the opposite lane.
  2. FOLLOW UP: Thank you all for your replies. Since 10 or so days have passed after my initial post, please allow me a follow up. --I now agree with what many of you said about "trolls paying one euro to troll" as well as "the modders can't make money from a game that they didn't write" (though I'm sure there are workarounds). --I have now set up continuous record and I have filed reports with staggering results, and I want to thank the admins for taking a moment to evaluate them. I usually post an unlisted YouTube video with a timestamp, I wish everyone had fast upload speeds like I do. --Maybe the admins could make the bans active during the weekends? Trolls troll on the weekends, get banned for 2-3 days, and next weekend they're usually back. @Asyedan "Players banned for traffic behaviour reasons would not be banned from playing TMP, instead they could join but only able to play in EU #4 until the ban expires." Totally agree. @Robin [GER] "So i would have the idea to create a 'Whitelist' Server, so there just play players who for example have no bans in the last year or stg." Totally agree.
  3. Have I lost my mind? Have I gone crazy? No. I am a new user. All I want, is to be able to drive around people who exercise common logic. The other day I overtook a truck without trailer (I did it by the book) but the guy rammed me a bit later for no apparent reason. I ended up repairing my truck, trashing the cargo, and gaining neither experience points nor money... I guess the guy who rammed me thought the server belonged to him... (His name tag was this: ??????) I don't want to commit resources to continuously record video. I'm tired of children and/or trolls who use this service in order to spend their worthless (and waste our precious) time. Please consider turning this into a payed service so that we will be able to keep unwanted people out. Think of it as a nightclub that has a doorman who keeps problem-makers out. I'm talking about a symbolic payment, say, 1 euro every month, through PayPal. I believe that anyone who owns a gaming PC and games, but says they can't pay 1 euro a month, is a liar. A PayPal payment will ensure both anonymity for the user and the ability for the server admins to ban idiots for good... Please, please make it a payed service.
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