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  1. @[ FR ] - Jabu Game Moderation Trainee ➜ Report Moderator
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  2. Heyyo ım here
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  3. Suggestion Name: Make /fix command fix permanent wear Suggestion Description: See above Any example images: N/A Why it should be added: I recently found out that, even if you fix the regular damage to 100%, you can still get engine failures if the permanent wear of your truck is becoming too much (not sure what the threshold is yet). It would be nice if /fix also fixed the permanent wear. While this would make the whole permanent wear mechanic useless, I feel that for multiplayer, it is more important to avoid unexpected engine failures to the best of our ability. And of course most people have a lot of money on their save file and stuff to replace trucks/complete restoration but well .. some people like me who like to not cheat money, etc, don't. There's also the fact that damaged buses and trailers still cost money, too. But that's a different topic entirely.
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  5. Imagine doing Skins and Edit photos at 3AM
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  7. Hello @MartinV90, This is a great question. We know that previous Community Management has neglected the suggestion area. We are trying to get through the suggestions we have logged by previous CMs to bring up to our management team. It will take us a while before we get all suggestions down to 0. We hope to improve significantly within the next few months. I want to say that the number of suggestions left behind for us to discuss with the management team can be overwhelming if we send them all at once. Therefore, we are taking it one day at a time. It is our goal to continuously work on the suggestion backlog while also working on our other internal tasks. So, every day when new suggestions get created, we note those down and will go from oldest to newest to bring up to the management team. We are also looking at older suggestions from 2019+ to see if we can decline or bring them up for discussion. We are trying and can promise you that the suggestions are our top priority, but it can take time as we have other things to do internally and have other commitments IRL. Nonetheless, thank you so much for this question, I hope this helped a little with what we are doing for the suggestion backlog. Regards, Rider.
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  8. THx for follow mate
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  13. Classic is always the best
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  14. When the C-D road gets shut down because some reckless driver has a trailer fire
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  16. takip için teşekkürler kral
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  17. TruckersMP Calais CCTV --->https://www.twitch.tv/kxxlua__killua Lurks Appreciated
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  18. updates make TruckersMP beautiful
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  19. I played around with Jon Ruda´s Kenworth W900a modification. Here is the result. What do you think?
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  21. yesterday with w/ @.FrøstLeaf.
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  22. @Mavi~ Game Moderator ➜ Retired Team Member (left)
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  23. Imagem Original de: @Trevomendes
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  24. The in-game avatar has been cancelled for a long time, can we still see it in the game in the future?
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  26. I'm looking forward to this event.
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  30. Happy Birthday!
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  31. Thanks for following me friend
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  33. I sometimes use the trailer brake, but more the normal brake or engine brake.
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  36. !! Warning !! Dear Friends, I wanted to issue an urgent warning my Steam account has been compromised. Please be aware that any messages coming from that account should not be trusted, as they are not from me. Do not click any links, respond to requests, or engage with the account until further notice. I am currently working to resolve the issue and regain control of my account. In the meantime, if you receive any odd or suspicious messages, please do not engage and, if possible, report them directly to Steam Support. I apologize for any inconvenience or confusion this situation may cause and hope to have this resolved shortly. Thank you for your understanding. Best regards, Austin1203
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  38. a nice little truck is approaching
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  39. Are you thinking removing the speed limit? And why the speed limit increased just in the sim2 not sim1?
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  40. @Nika_ Add-On Team ➜ Retired Team Member (Left)
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  41. @SpardonS Event Team ➜ Player (Removed)
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