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  1. [SUPPORT] @TutoriaLs. has been removed from the team due a breach of the Information Security Policy.
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  2. Hello guys! I never forget this wonderful community, and still I'll be here and still I'll help this community. Please let me know if you need help from TruckersMP I'll do my best work for yours. I'm sorry and I'm gonna. Don't forget I love you guys!
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  3. Hey guys! I hope you had a fantastic start of the week so far, just as I did What are your plans for this week? Make sure to let me know! Here is a photo of my last week's drive together with @Polyxena [GER] @Shayrin @Roenz @Mr. Calvin & @zb572
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  5. Thank you for the second time for a great convoy! w/ @Mystere, @[L-LATAM](30) El Reja, @Santi., @[MAGNO] *BrOK1nG*, @[MAGNO] TE5LA, @G O C H E, @[JET BLUE] - Brawni_55
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  8. [ADD-ON TEAM] @b738pilot left the team due to personal reasons.
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  9. I really like @Beenz. Full kit for my scania R
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  11. Currently live driving on ProMods, come hang out
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  16. Two pictures with this noob @Mystere | Have a nice day/evening/afternoon
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  18. Colorado Our final upload from my little trip around... The glisten on the side of the metallic paint is beautiful
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  19. Over 24 hours later, the Save The Children 2020 event has finally come to an end! I... unfortunately... could not make it to the end as I was feeling ill and shaking I have stayed for over 20 hours and have seriously enjoyed my time there! I want to thanks @TFMSkinner @TFM_Nathan564 and @DJ Dynamic for leading and managing the event, although Dynamic fell asleep at route 3 I also want to thank everyone who has attended the event, and of course, those who stayed for over 24 hours! Thank you!!
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  20. [GAME MODERATION TRAINEE] @Noxii has been promoted to Report Moderator. [EVENT TEAM] @Jake_F joins the Game Moderation team as a Game Moderation Trainee, whilst also remaining in the Event Team.
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  21. [REPORT MODERATOR] @CiaranOg78 has been promoted to Game Moderator.
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  22. Steps to reproduce: 1. Buy a car at the dealer. 2. Buy a caravan at the dealer. 3. Drive scout and caravan together. The caravan and scout are shaking when going with 80km/h or more. Result: The issue can break the wheel control, which is dangerous. And this happens not only in arcade server, but also in simulation servers. We've tested it in arcade, because when you're going with more speed it's shaking more.
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  23. Liebe Ets2 Community, Ich möchte euch Informieren das am 5.12. ein 24 Stunden Stream erscheinen wird. Der Streamer SyndromGER (ehemaliger PeitschenPaule) wird wieder erscheinen mit seiner Truppe und wagen das Experiment 24 Stunden bei Euro Truck Simulator 2 zu fahren. Es erwartet euch eine neue Sicht des Teams & viel Spaß! Alle weitere Informationen findet Ihr hier in dem Flyer. Ich hoffe man trifft sich dort auf 1 Tour oder 2!
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  24. Hey Leute, Die AsphaltRotzer werden wieder zurück kommen für einen 24 Stunden Stream. Also seit Dabei & habt Spaß alles weitere findet Ihr im Flyer. Hey Guys, The ApshaltRotzer will come back for some 24 Hours Stream. So come Join & have Fun everything else can be found below. https://prnt.sc/voq45m PS: The Time Zone can be found at the Link below! https://notime.zone/MMrCinxLWyj2n Hoffe man sieht sich dort! Hope to see you there!
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  25. Little over 2 Years and 1 week ago, I started playing Truckers MP full time, after being registered for a while, but hardly playing, after a friend nagged me into it. Looking back, I am really glad I relented!! Its been one hell of a ride. From humble beginings: To now: Who knows what is to come?
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  26. GökBörü™ ATS Convoy Auuu...
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  27. [COMMUNITY MANAGER] @Chev stepped back to Game Moderator.
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  30. [Support] @TutoriaLs. Bilgi Güvenliği Politikası ihlali nedeniyle takımdan çıkartıldı.
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  34. [Support Trainee + Translator] @RedPiggy has been promoted to Trial Support.
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  35. This is what makes me laugh, people get super aggressive over VTC's & tags....Yet here we see the same vtc twice! https://truckersmp.com/vtc/search?name=Transinet&tag=&min=&max=&language_id=
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  39. Hello @HeBuDuMKa, First of all, I would like to welcome you on the TruckersMP forum. The message you are getting means that the Steam you are logged into, is not the one which is linked to the TruckersMP account that you are trying to log into. You need to log into the Steam account that you used to create your TruckersMP account. Additionally, I would like to note that it is not possible to use Family Sharing feature on Steam to play TruckersMP, so once again, you need to use the Steam account that was used to create the TMP account in question. I hope my e
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