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  1. [REPORT MODERATOR] @CiaranOg78 has been promoted to Game Moderator.
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  2. [GAME MODERATION TRAINEE] @Noxii has been promoted to Report Moderator. [EVENT TEAM] @Jake_F joins the Game Moderation team as a Game Moderation Trainee, whilst also remaining in the Event Team.
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  3. Two pictures with this noob @Mystere | Have a nice day/evening/afternoon
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  5. Had a nice drive with @Owen. and @J a n e k on American Truck Simulator in Washington!
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  6. Good grief - its been a while since I was around here! Hope everyone is doing well.
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  9. Colorado The Candyfloss Truck made its way across the waters! I must admit I'm not sure if its turning my scaling up to 400% Or the Ultra settings, BUT Colorado is looking amazing. Starting a new save while not having internet was a great idea! I've actually missed single player driving (There's one more photo from my Colorado drives)
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  10. Thank you for a great route! See you soon! w/ @theonlylukon & @Owen.
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  12. Had a great time exploring Promods today!
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  13. ATS? I don't really tend to play ATS, but with no internet I decided to play ATS start a new career and scout out Colorado. Wasn't sure which photo I wanted to post. So here... Enjoy these two! What do ya think?
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  14. Suggestion Name: Displays the player's Ping in the game player info (/pinfo). Suggestion Description: When /pInfo is input, the ping of the inquired player can be displayed. It can let players know the lag of the inquired players more accurately, so as to judge whether there is a lag in the inquired players. Any example images: Images without this feature added: Pictures with this feature added: Why should it be added?: Sometimes players report because of lag problems. Adding this can make players know more accurately whether the other party has a lag and judge whether they need to report players.
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  15. 𝓥𝓓𝓡 𝓒𝓸𝓷𝓿𝓸𝔂 w/ @]LINEAGE @Eronax @[DK/NL] Herr Kruse @Andy_TMP @*Jimmy* @[L-LATAM](30) El Reja @-Yunomi- @Yuzuki
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  16. Recorriendo el nuevo estado de Colorado, la verdad que me encanto mucho. | Touring the new state of Colorado, I really loved it.
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  18. Some Pics from my last 5.000km Tour and also my almost 5 Hours long Stream #ScaniaLove #ProMods #Local_Mods #TruckersMP
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  19. Damn. I miss all of you! I have never been off the game for this long. But I will be back eventually. I just moved on a little in my life. I had gotten married, I recently just moved into a new house with my wife and now we just found out we're expecting children. Life really takes a jump when you least expect it. Just wanted to update you all that 2020 hasn't killed me. I am still alive!! Miss you all and be safe everyone!!
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  22. Thank you so much @[C-S] Spat91 for this picture.
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  24. Harmony Convoys November Edition
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  26. I wish you all a nice Friday evening and a nice weekend
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  29. Just love how these BMWs look, love the style and they look especially good in red and white Sure wouldn't mind having one of them in future although not as my main car but maybe a 2nd car, project car for meets or roadtrips if that would be possible (hopefully anyway)
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  30. Prime Convoy Yesterday & himalayan Convoy & Also Today with my BRUV truck went to the best place on earth LIDL BRUV @ReacherK @super37s @ReacherK @super37s
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  31. I just want to remind that this thread is for the changelog and discussions about the version of our client. Please, do not jump on any assumptions just by the way how we communicate. Like in the last 6 years, we have worked on the version support since the first day and will eventually get to release it. The communication is done by the other departments of our team which actively communicate with us. If you do not like how the current situation is handled, please, forward this feedback officially to our team: https://truckersmp.com/feedback Anyway, this thread is now locked. Only changelogs will be posted here.
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  32. Suggestion Name: Skoda SuperB Remaking Part 2 Suggestion Description: Hi. First of all, the current car we have has a lot of bugs. Considering FMOD coming soon with rollable windows, the car should get its next improvement update. I have summed up here some ideas that will make more fun driving the vehicle. - besides the caravan, a roofbox (image included) - adding the SCS Truck paintjobs for the car aswell, for more customization especially for company cars - More rims (can be taken from SCS AI vehicles aswell) (inspired by local-savegame editing where you can saveedit AI tires onto the car) - rollable windows for both sides - fixing windscreen wipers - More interior customization, such as hanging toys, navigation, and so on - A normal trailer where you can haul boxes, small cars,.. Any example images: Yes, roofbox: (roofbox is private mod) Why should it be added?: The ideas mentioned above are partly adding more realism, but the paintjobs and interior customization add more customization possibilities for the players aswell. Having the same, clear interior everywhere is getting annoying! The roofbox is also a great travelling (holidays) add-on besides the caravan aswell, considering the caravan is a bit wobbly when driving on the highway. Windscreen wipers and rollable windows are I believe self-explainable. And for anyone thinking, it's a truck simulation game, yes, that's true, but the car is a great addon to the highways only filled with trucks! I would personally like more variarity of vehicles on the highway, and not only the same looking trucks. The car is great for roleplaying or chilling and driving, and I feel the ideas mentioned above could improve the experience. PS.: For my personal skoda mod, I improved the engine power to make the acceleration better. However, considering trolls, I have my doubts that this will happen anytime in TMP.
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  34. The Candyfloss Truck came out in SP yesterday! Did a small delivery in Promods... Looks good enough to eat? Right?
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