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Possible fix: Kick for Unreliable Connection


You got kicked for unreliable connection while connecting to a place with many players  

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On 3/21/2020 at 10:58 AM, blabberbeak said:

This raises the question why someone would need to or would want to log into an highly populated area in the first place.
I believe that the areas in question and their surroundings are infamous and are already well known.


Let us not forget that every additional player that appears in an already crowded area will add to loading times and lag for himself and others. Therefore I understand the high ping kick as a protective measure.

The problem with the suggested timer (option 2) might be that different internet connection speeds and computer performances will need different times to load everything properly.

I personally have the core issue, that when ever I join, i mostly get kicked for unreliable connection, and that is no matter if I spawn in a high populated area or in the middle of nowhere.
My PC could be considered medium end, it was high end in 2016 but high end in 2021 is definetly something better than I have, but my PC is still able to handle ETS2 at highest graphical settings in areas with >50 players. Anything above 50 will make my game stutter and the FPS drop below 30.


This kick is very annoying, and since there isn't even an option to reconnect without having to let the game close and then start it again makes you take again time.








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