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  1. Wow @gra3m388

    1. gra3m388


      Thanks my good friend, How can I help you sir? 

  2. Yes i do like to use mine where i can in ATS & ETS2 where area's are very busy and also in convoy in TMP it help's other user's to see where you are going and also to help them navigate around the map if there following you in convoy.
  3. Hi there guys Yes this feature used to work when your connection broke or sever was closed due TMP Client update, Yes I do feel like this feature was nice thing to bring into the server's but I think this now not vaild thing as the Dev Team would need to look into this to see if there a fix for this feature to work again, Hope this may help you guys out there.
  4. |Hello to all I have an idea and would love to hear everyone's own opinion regarding What could TMP bring to the table for all there current and new members to join there game server's Now my idea would be some how bring in like a driving licence system to there server's and it would be used like a test to see where you as a player are able to handle the roads on ATS & ETS2 Also be nice to have like a server where all tests could be carried out and New TMP Staff could be like a driving instructor or some sort to give out a TMP Drivers Licence and that Licence would give you access to other server's where we can try to avoid all the bad players with there bad driving skills. Now if you think there something else they could bring to the table state your comments below and lets get TMP fun again. Thanks for reading and stay safe on the roads out there.
  5. Hi to all sometime it's good to follow all the road rules unless it's a big event where the speed limiter is not required, Now i feel like other user's dont understand the rules clearly and need re-trainned.
  6. I love ATS makes me think am there in America as I am from UK and just love the open road to see all diffrenet things around the map.
  7. I'll Be there to see this convoy hope everyone enjoys it.
  8. Yes I feel the servers could have more better Internet connections due to there bandwidth dropping when alot of players are trying to connect to these servers at any peak times of the day and also giving others in the game with broken connections now the reconnection needs to be activated again when you get kicked. Also most people don't like this and have reported it to right teams to handle this report but I think TMP needs to try listen to there community and be there and try find ways to make things better for end user and maybe have an option for the system to work on similar peer to peer. Raise the patreon price and invest money on better servers like ie banks have with 100% secure peer to peer connection to game servers.
  9. Amazing work with the servers guys keep up good work.
  10. It sounds to good to miss this one guys unfortunately for me I have to miss this one as my baby girl is due to be born next couple days lol (So excited yehaa) I wish everyone a great day/night wherever you are in world. Please drive safe and happy trucking everyone.
  11. Thanks for following me sir.

    1. Maxi.


      Thank you for following me too, it's an honour. 

  12. Thanks dude for the follow.

  13. Well very nicely done to host this on ETS2 and be able to get my award soon, I would like to ask if there will be something similar to this event will happen in future in ATS?
  14. Thank you everyone for the follow and welcoming messages, you guys all rock ?

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