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3 Million Users

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Congratulations! 😍 I remember when I signed up back in 2014 (on another Steam account - and no, no ban evasion 😉) and both this awesome mod and the community have experienced huge changes during these years. It's been interesting witnessing it grow and change over the years and I never imagined this many would register when I became part of it. Here's to another million! 🎉

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Congratulations to TruckersMP!🎉


As a huge VTC leader, we have witnessed the development and changes of TruckersMP over the past two years.

I am very pleased that we can participate and witness the amazing changes in this great community.


Let us look forward to 4 Million Users!


Thanks all TruckersMP Staffs. Thanks all Retired Team Members. Thanks all Users.

I am very proud that I am a TMP player!

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