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  1. Hello @User_299765 Although the above responses are great, I feel I'll weigh in on traffic regulation. You could try and regulate the traffic without physically interracting with others, by means of text and directing players (by their ID) to their next move. I know you'll feel hopeless at times as you're not in power to interract by other means of text, but usually you will get your message across. I do this a lot whenever I find myself stuck in a queue. I find the noclip mode to be an essential when doing so. We can all thank people of your kind for volunteering to keep the traffic flowing! I hope this post was to any help.
  2. Hey, I have an inquery on desynch and was wondering if I could PM you? (currently says PMs are disabled on your end). Thanks

  3. Thor98

    Death Road

    You can find a map of it here: (not my image) Oh and it's a one-way road, it ends at a quarry. So you can't drive to it from somewhere else.
  4. Thor98

    3 Million Users

    I'm proud to be a part of this community, congratulations
  5. To some it may seem rather trivial but it really isn't. Driving within highly populated areas it'll be realised as a missing feature. It may as well put less strain on the reporting system as less people would remain bothered by chat griefers. +support I would amend the command to /ignore <ID>
  6. Suggestion Description: Add a limit of 2 identical messages for every x seconds. Why should it be added?: This will greatly reduce the flow of chat and allow users to read the chat a tad easier. Gets rid of (most of) the spam especially in busy areas, where communication is key, but is difficult due to spam. The limit in question is open for further discussion and can be changed if need be.
  7. Hello Ollie, Right. It varies from driver to driver how their behavior in traffic is, not everyone are going to grief you or undertake in the offroads. I know for a fact there are many skoda drivers with great manners, so please do report the wrong-doing instead of blaming all of rulebreaking. I personally have encountered many problems specifically with some skoda drivers, but also enjoyed cruising alongside others, and as opposite, been cruising my Skoda and had a great talk to random truckers I met. Same as above, I think it's rather disrespectful to remove them instead of actually reporting them first. Just get Bandicam, works effeciently and doesn't make you lagg - or any recording software with 'replay' feature, e.g. Nvidia Share, works like a charm ! As a last note, you may try save your game regularly (every 200 KM or whatever you desire) so that you can load the save and that'll act as refund, though wasting a bit of time. I respect your opinion, but I think it's crucial to remember that reporting with video often leads to a ban, so be patient and wait for the trolls to be punished! Corder
  8. Thor98

    LaxZ's Cinematics

    Woah. That second one was just amazing, great camera movement and scenery! I'm wondering, how do you achieve freeroam mode etc.? I would love to give it a try some time later this week!
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