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  1. This reminds me on sand beige from Jurassic park jeep. Good color selection!
  2. ETS2 because it was first one out. I was slightly disappointed in ATS launch. It looks exact copy of ETS with some shader improvements but no big changes. If new title would have actual character movement (walking around on the map), slinging cargo on trailers, manipulating trailer a bit more, you know actual gameplay changes, that would make me play ATS for sure.
  3. It is very context sensitive. Like I make mistake at times and if I do manage to scratch someone I stop, pull over and jump immediately on keyboard and ask him if he is okay, and how's the damage on trailer or whatever. Also stating that I'm sorry and if he does report I definitely deserve it. Now comparing my behavior with other people who ram me, and you get better picture. Just saying sorry and driving off obviously don't cut because it that is low effort getting away free card.
  4. Anyone got any suggestions for best truck for interior GPS position/size/quality? Purely that out of performance/looks and so on.
  5. The sheer amount of in game reports can't be all viewed are the reason why we all should focus on website based reports.
  6. Interesting situation. I never experienced this and looks like the only way to combat is to quickly press TAB to catch the disappearing name! If he just drove off you can flip to external camera and yeah hope for clear picture.
  7. Funny 7 point. Most of the time I see chat in other languages and I can't tell what are they talking about. Anyhow if you wanna stay safe drive slow and attentive and with some luck you get out without getting scratched.
  8. Seem like the most obvious is answer is I wanna do my task as fast as possible. Mix in human competition and when person doesn't have restraints or is arrogant gamer person (with arrogance I mean it as driving past everyone on opposite shoulder lane else in traffic jam for example) where he puts his own well being before all others we get those types. Also probably definition of fun. For some people pedal to the metal and pushing the limits is really fun. That is probably just part of the picture, I would love to hear more from someone who likes to speed/ overtake everywhere, race off ramps and so on.
  9. It's part of attitude corrective too. People who want to drive very fast are racers at the heart and no strangers to collisions. I say that because its very difficult to stop at stop sign, check your mirrors on ramp to highway or keep safety distance between others while going fast. So since some racers don't enjoy as much driving only 110km/h they don't play here. And I'm fine for less people speeding all over the highways and neglecting rules.
  10. Way to go team! ShawnCZek thanks for bringing news.
  11. That's good point. I will abstain from a vote now until I learn more about trailer and cargo mechanics. ( I haven't yet done that in game ). Thanks for replying.
  12. I can't speak for others I only speak for myself. The reason why I'm not in love with idea is that when your trailer damage is not on the line nothing really is. You can do everything wrong and there is no repercussions (and with repercussion I mean if I crash into scenery/crash someone who is not reporting people etc). I crashed? Let me do /fix for the truck to get it back operational (that is ok - it has timer/you need trailer and its widely adopted). I scraped my trailer? Let me run /fixtrailer to remedy that. Risk and reward is totally eliminated. That is my main grudge.
  13. Lower on priority but good suggestion.
  14. still stand by my statement from march. Stuck key seem funny notion to me - If your W key seem stuck and you cause accident and you get reported you are still at fault because you were negligent (keep keyboard clean!) I would say its no different for horn key. I also see couple of people mentioned its against the rules. If you report someone spamming horn for more than 5 seconds and you report them on website with video evidence does that really get them banned? It was my impression that GMs say that is only kickable offense handled on the server usually. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.
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