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  1. Amazing. I like lighting storm picture.
  2. Would it not be more sensible decision to investigate before you remove it? I would understand if command needs to be disabled in order to investigate issues but that does not seem the case. Correct me if I'm wrong.
  3. Agreed that collision is vital aspect of the game. Its what gives it weight. There will always be some level of corruption present in any system, but removing collision this way is not a way to go.
  4. Any of the starter trucks seem to be avoided by most people. You can see them very rarely every now and then.
  5. High ping is not punishable offence. I wasn't talking about automated system, but about specific offence like crashing into a person that lags in and out despite safety distance. So how does that even happen if you carry out safety distance? Well it happens when lagging causes traffic collision up ahead and we don't have time to stop or avoid (with safety distance) or when we are overtaking and he slips into our lane and because he is lagging that is not necessary traffic offense.
  6. Frequently in highly populated areas high ping occurs at connecting on the server and system disconnects you. What you do is drive in offline mode to a less congested area and restart that lets you get load into the game (server).
  7. I like solo drivers, but I do mix it up with a friend and a convoys from time to time.
  8. did you try running vannila game at least once before going into MP after 1.36 downgrade?
  9. Well done, you got an eye for taking photos. IRL too?
  10. I would love none existing balcan expansion. Driving through Ljubljana without promods would be nice change of pace for once.
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