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  1. Yeah I like combination of both. We play multiplayer so we do want to see people around us. But so busy all the time like Calais, no not really.
  2. Track IR is expensive but well worth it. If you are on tight budget consider free Track IR alternatives where you can make tracker yourself. However it will be less accurate.
  3. Amazing. I like lighting storm picture.
  4. Would it not be more sensible decision to investigate before you remove it? I would understand if command needs to be disabled in order to investigate issues but that does not seem the case. Correct me if I'm wrong.
  5. with popularity of winter mod in past weeks I did not post any reports if someone rammed me when they clearly lost control of the vehicle. Sure they are at fault but accidents happen and I forgive them for that. Blatant ramming and reckless driving are still punished though.
  6. Agreed on blaming people not tools (trucks and cars). It is all about how you drive and what mindset you have. In my eyes report system works well on filtering out the offenders being that car driver or truck. And interesting I file lot more reports due to Truck drivers than cars drivers.
  7. Happy new year. This is the year of the rat correct?
  8. Agreed that collision is vital aspect of the game. Its what gives it weight. There will always be some level of corruption present in any system, but removing collision this way is not a way to go.
  9. That is nice way to put it. If I encounter any bugs or something frustrating I remember that all this code was written by small group of talented individuals and its them and staff that this mod really belong to, not us. I'm consider myself lucky to be along for the ride.
  10. Any of the starter trucks seem to be avoided by most people. You can see them very rarely every now and then.
  11. Wrong way is ban offence 100% only when someone gets rammed in a process. So like trucker drives intentionally wrong way and rams other trucker. From good sources I can tell you that if you use hazard lights on and back on highway its fine. So yeah act accordingly and report only when someone rams in wrong way situation.
  12. Agree that's what I'm saying.
  13. Yeah use of third person is commonly used in traffic jams or when you are moving slowly.
  14. High ping is not punishable offence. I wasn't talking about automated system, but about specific offence like crashing into a person that lags in and out despite safety distance. So how does that even happen if you carry out safety distance? Well it happens when lagging causes traffic collision up ahead and we don't have time to stop or avoid (with safety distance) or when we are overtaking and he slips into our lane and because he is lagging that is not necessary traffic offense.
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