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Website v2.9 release

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v2.9.0 (13th July 2019)

v2.9.0.1- (13th July 2019)

  • Fixed all reported bugs in the new system for virtual trucking companies
  • Implemented all first suggestions in the new system for virtual trucking companies

v2.9.0.12 (14th July 2019)

  • Changed the minimum size for the cover image
  • Fixed the error message when an cover image with a wrong size was uploaded on the creation of the company
  • Fixed problems with caching data about the user and its virtual trucking company

v2.9.0.13 (14th July 2019)

  • Removed uppercase for the name and the slogan of the company on listing
  • Fixed displaying the header of the company on mobiles
  • Improved displaying of the name and the slogan of the company
  • Improved the design of company posts

v2.9.0.14 (14th July 2019)

  • Fixed a bug where a recruiter could add the same member multiple times

v2.9.0.15 (14th July 2019)

  • Fixed the bug with a wrong name of the virtual trucking company in application that got automatically cancelled
  • Fixed order of available roles for a new member and order of available recruiters in applications to virtual trucking companies
  • Fixed order of user applications to a company (now from the newest one to the oldest one)
  • Fixed the maximum length of SteamID64 when a blacklist entry is getting created
  • Fixed a big when old values in the form were not remembered (for example when the validation failed)
  • Changed the design of modal windows in applications to virtual trucking companies
  • Other small updates & improvements

v2.9.0.16 (14th July 2019)

  • Fixed meta tags for the member list of a virtual trucking company
  • Fixed displaying large images in the description/rules/information of a virtual trucking company
  • Fixed a rare issue when the company edit page was saying the name and the tag are not unique

v2.9.0.17 (16th July 2019)

  • Fixed an issue with too long SteamID64 when creating a new row in the blacklist of a virtual trucking company
  • Removed the pinned icon in news on the homepage of the virtual trucking company system
  • Fixed the background color for the light theme on the homepage of the virtual trucking system
  • Replaced "Create a VTC" button with "My VTC" if the user is a member of a company
  • Added transparent background to the name and the slogan of a virtual trucking company
  • Added displaying of the virtual trucking company name to latest news posts
  • Other small updates & improvements

v2.9.0.20 (19th July 2019)

  • Marked the light theme as obsolete
  • Set the dark theme on the forum as default


v2.9.1 (20th July 2019)

  • Added API end-points for virtual trucking companies
    The documentation can be found on the API documentation page
  • Improvements for virtual trucking companies
    • Added the virtual trucking company of the user to the forum profile
    • Added the comment visibility when a comment is being edited in a recruitment application
    • Fixed the preview height on the search page
  • Made Steam profile and SteamID64 public and removed the optional Steam field in the profile settings
    The information about the Steam ID has been available in the API for ages and there has been no reason to hide it anymore
  • Design improvements for news
  • Improved game rules and their design
  • Added auto-rejection for reports older than 1 month (due to actual rules)
  • Backend updates & fixes


v2.9.2 (26th July 2019)

  • Added the Instagram profile to the footer of the website
  • Backend optimizations in order to make loading of pages a bit faster
  • Internal updates & fixes

v2.9.2.1 (30th July 2019)

  • Fixes in the system of virtual trucking companies
    • Resized the slider on the homepage to have the size as the company's cover
    • Fixed displaying of the company's name if it is too long
    • Fixed an issue with recruiters when the list did not contain all of them

v2.9.2.3 (31st July 2019)

  • Removed the email scope from the Discord authorization as it has never been used

v2.9.2.4 (3rd August 2019)

  • Added memberID property to the /v2/player API end-point

v2.9.2.5 (17th August 2019)

  • Added short links for knowledge base articles
  • Fixed a typo on the report creation page


v2.9.3 (31st August 2019)

  • Fixed a rare bug with virtual trucking companies when the information about its owner was not available and resulted into a 500 error
  • Fixed the size of adverts
  • Removed the "New" status for ban appeals and replaced it with "Waiting for admin"
  • Replaced Facebook and Twitter feeds on the frontpage with social links
  • Backend updates & fixes


v2.9.4 (1st September 2019)

  • Full TruckersMP forum integration
  • Fixed wording on disabled news posts of virtual trucking companies
  • Removed Instagram gradient on homepage social links


v2.9.5 (8th September 2019)

  • Created a system of a photo gallery for verified virtual trucking companies only


v2.9.6 (12th September 2019)

  • Updated the /v2/version API end-point to show actual data from the launcher (the API call is not deprecated anymore)
  • Fixed a bug when the blog post was not added to the forum
  • Increased the minimum character limit to 500 for virtual trucking company news posts
  • Improved the validation of reports


v2.9.7 (21st September 2019)

  • A complete redesign of the homepage
  • Improved the system of virtual trucking companies
    • The tag of the company on a user's profile can be hidden now
    • Added confirmation windows for changing the status of the application
    • Added random gallery posts to the homepage of the system
    • Added the data from companies to the user's data export
    • Added amount of members to each role in the administration
    • Updated some error messages


v2.9.8 (24th September 2019)

  • Preparations for ProMods game servers
  • Added a new property to the /v2/servers API end-point that determines whether the server hosts ProMods. Full description can be found in the API documentation: https://stats.truckersmp.com/api#servers_list
  • Fixed a rare bug on the account deletion
  • Internal improvements
  • Backend updates & fixes


v2.9.9 (2nd October 2019)

v2.9.9.3 (2nd October 2019)

  • Changed colors of the name and the badge for Patreon supporters
  • Added counts of Patrons in each tier to the wall of fame
  • Fixed the issue with detecting a wrong tier


v2.9.10 (5th October 2019)

  • Reworked error messages
  • Added dynamic social counters (for the homepage)
  • Added guessing user's timezone on registration
  • Reworked accepting game rules
  • Changed previous nicknames logic
  • Fixed and improved Patreon stuff
    • Fixed a bug when Patreon supporters with a private profile were seen
    • Fixed the detection of the Patreon tier when one upgrades the tier
    • Fixed the size of cards on the Patreon wall of fame
    • Top members on the Patreon wall of fame are not affected by the Patreon status
    • Optimized loading of the Patreon wall of fame

v2.9.10.4 (7th October 2019)

  • Little improvements to the design of the Patreon wall of fame

v2.9.10.5 (7th October 2019)

  • Handled proper deleting of logo and cover images for virtual trucking companies


v2.9.11 (13th October 2019)

  • Reworked the Steam registration which should also fix all known issues
  • Hid the navbar on accepting game rules
  • Added check for Patreon account linking whether the account is connected to a different TruckersMP account
  • Added to the /v2/servers API whether an event is hosting a special event
  • Changed the backend behind the ProMods attribute in the /v2/servers API
  • Fixed a rare server error when linking your Patreon account
  • Fixed 2FA being checked during permanent logout
  • Fixed quoting on knowledge base articles
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I really like the new User interface that has been added to the website. it really enhances the looks and experience while browsing. 


Other than that, i think the VTC section was actually not necessary. Or maybe could have also added the personal service comapnies section too.

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