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Hot topic #11: 2019 predictions


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My goal this year is to:
-Get my CDL and get a job that utilizes my CDL

-Move back to Arizona

-New computer by end of the year

-Get 1st in monthly miles for ATS on Trucksbook at least one time

-Continue to be active within the TMP Community


My prediction is that Utah is the next state for ATS and hoping it comes this year.

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12 hours ago, [TAL CEO] BlackSkill said:

This year I want to start by joining TMP team, I'm not sure that I'll do that because of my past mistakes but still, I never give up. Also, I want to hit 1K followers on forum and make my VTC known in community ^_^

Good luck, if you have ban history your already classed as undesirable forever! 


TMP wise we will never know whats going on behind the scenes, i swear its the MI6 HQ back there! As for SCS, they said about a tuning dlc & more trucks coming ( hopefully ). I would expect them to be looking to add rigid chassis with a draw bar or dolly option, you can have rigid + a short ( 2 axle ) in the UK. I hope they bring back a proper aerodynamic trailer, the teardrop design looks nice & possibly double deck trailers. 

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