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  1. I want Spain DLC, it could be so cool
  2. iLegend

    Washington State DLC Teaser Released

    It's look so.....
  3. iLegend

    lul reaction

    hahaha it could be funny
  4. iLegend


    Prueba a verificar primero el contenido del juego, puede que tengas alguna archivo mal Si eso no te funciona comprueba que no tengas ningún mod no compatible con el ETS 2 MP Si con nada de eso te funciona, intenta reinstalar el juego... Suerte!!
  5. iLegend

    Calais- Duisburg Road

    You should ignore them, drive respecting the limits and all will be okay
  6. iLegend

    New Volvo Trucks

    This is real? I was thinking it's a rumor D:
  7. iLegend

    Communicating with other players in game

    When I use mouse and keyboard is easy, if you use another controller... it's a little more difficult, and obviusly -> Accident
  8. iLegend


    Tiene muy buena pinta la compañía!!!
  9. iLegend

    Can you suggest me some decent VPN desktop programs

    Hey! I use NordVPN, it's really powerfull and I love it
  10. iLegend

    C-D Road Truckstop.

    It could be a solution...but a problem too More players on CD it's mean more traffic... more traffic means dead!!!!
  11. iLegend

    Why aren't double trailers allowed in busy areas?

    I think is very difficult drive with double trailers... so maybe this is one of the reasons they are not allowed
  12. iLegend

    What mod(s) do you use in ETS2 Multiplayer

    Honestly actually I don't use any mod, but there are to many interesting, like the customisation mods
  13. iLegend

    Winter Mod - Discussion

    The best way to use correctly the Winter mod.... especially the last line....
  14. iLegend

    Winter Mod - Discussion

    I read too many times "sorry winter mod"... I love this mod but I hate the people who use it to drift and drive like crazy people..
  15. iLegend

    What’s your favorite truck?

    Peterbilt is awesome... but I love Kenworth too, so I think this two are my favourite