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  1. I want Spain DLC, it could be so cool
  2. iLegend

    Washington State DLC Teaser Released

    It's look so.....
  3. iLegend

    [DONE]lul reaction

    hahaha it could be funny
  4. iLegend


    Prueba a verificar primero el contenido del juego, puede que tengas alguna archivo mal Si eso no te funciona comprueba que no tengas ningún mod no compatible con el ETS 2 MP Si con nada de eso te funciona, intenta reinstalar el juego... Suerte!!
  5. iLegend

    Calais- Duisburg Road

    You should ignore them, drive respecting the limits and all will be okay
  6. iLegend

    New Volvo Trucks

    This is real? I was thinking it's a rumor D:
  7. iLegend

    Communicating with other players in game

    When I use mouse and keyboard is easy, if you use another controller... it's a little more difficult, and obviusly -> Accident
  8. iLegend


    Tiene muy buena pinta la compañía!!!
  9. iLegend

    Can you suggest me some decent VPN desktop programs

    Hey! I use NordVPN, it's really powerfull and I love it
  10. iLegend

    C-D Road Truckstop.

    It could be a solution...but a problem too More players on CD it's mean more traffic... more traffic means dead!!!!
  11. iLegend

    Why aren't double trailers allowed in busy areas?

    I think is very difficult drive with double trailers... so maybe this is one of the reasons they are not allowed
  12. Honestly actually I don't use any mod, but there are to many interesting, like the customisation mods
  13. iLegend

    Winter Mod - Discussion

    The best way to use correctly the Winter mod.... especially the last line....
  14. iLegend

    Winter Mod - Discussion

    I read too many times "sorry winter mod"... I love this mod but I hate the people who use it to drift and drive like crazy people..
  15. iLegend

    What’s your favorite truck?

    Peterbilt is awesome... but I love Kenworth too, so I think this two are my favourite