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  1. Yes some of my city names are different like Köln/Cologne, but as they are the same city it should be okay. Hmm, that's odd. E-mail SCS, they're pretty good at getting back to folks, I e-mailed them a few days ago because my ETS2 single player wasn't working and they got back to me pretty quickly. Or World of Trucks, it's their event, isn't it? Maybe them first then SCS if they can't help.
  2. di9girl

    Which VTC?

    I went with Viva, so I may see you on the road
  3. Have you done it from the 10 different start cities, that's what I did... once I completed a delivery from all 10 start cities I got the achievement.
  4. di9girl

    Which VTC?

    The only reason I don't want to join a convoy is I'd be scared of hitting someone. I wouldn't intentionally do it but I don't want to be that "one" person that hits one and causes a domino effect...
  5. di9girl

    Which VTC?

    (Apologies if this is in the wrong forum) So I've been playing since July 2018, I joined a VTC not really knowing what one was but it wasn't active, was very small and things just seemed "off". I joined another but had zero communication from them, I then stopped playing for 3 months and even though I had them on Discord no-one contacted me and I just found out they removed me, which is fine, but wish they'd said something. Anyway, I'm looking for a VTC that's active and a) doesn't require a microphone (I'm shy and just don't want to talk) and b) doesn't require me to have to join a convoy (I'd be useless lol). I do drive pretty much every day, mostly afternoons and evenings (UK time). I have no bans and can't stand people who wreck others, use bad language, sit on their horns and run red lights.
  6. I played EU2 from when I started, but the cars and the idiots put me off so I switched to EU3. It's certainly quieter (normally, not now because of event) but it's certainly an improvement, the drivers seem to be better outside of the event.
  7. I made 1 delivery to Bratislava about an hour ago, it's carnage. As you say people are just toxic. I kept getting hit from behind, I was just like "really? What's the point?". I did try EU4 yesterday to make a delivery to Paris, that was weird. Never been on that server before. I still drove properly but as you say it's something you have to get used to when people drive right through you lol. I wouldn't dream of doing that apart from in the pick-up/delivery points where you can in the no collision areas. I tried SP but the game wouldn't load. I got the screen where you can alter mods, or you just click "continue" so I hit continue but the game disappeared and it went back to my desktop saying there was an error. Yet I can play MP fine. Destinations change every 3 days. Last 3 were Paris, next 3 Bratislava (now), Ancona on 28 March, Poznan on 31 March, Brussel on 3 April, Oslo 6 April, Manchester 9 April, St. Petersburg 12 April, Budapest 15 April, Le Mans 18 April, Geneve 21 April, Helsinki 24 April, Milano 27 April, Hannover 30 April and finally London 3 May.
  8. Yep, I completely see where you're coming from. Last night there was no Mod that I could see, today there was, they seemed to be solo and nothing was being done. They were saying something about Event loads not being synced which made no sense to me whatsoever. It's those of us who drive normally who end up with cancelled loads and wrecked trucks. I don't understand why others who don't need to be there are piling in. It's just going to be the same with each city they pick, so watch out Bratislava tomorrow! Now I was wondering if I could do it through SP, I couldn't remember if External Contracts worked in SP, it's been a few months since I played. That may solve the issue for those of us who are driving normally, so we can avoid the idiots! I never thought of that. I stopped EU#2 back in December, the cars are dumb. I only play EU#3, but even that was crazy busy in Paris... normally it's quiet and the drivers I come across are 99% good, there's still the odd idiot but way less than Eu#2.
  9. I didn't realise until today that the destination is the same for 3 days. I think the folks who decided this should change it to all destinations because of the absolute chaos in Paris. It was a chaotic mess of people beeping constantly, disgusting language, pushing others out of the way and just a big mess. And, on the two runs I've made so far I didn't see another person with the Truck delivery for the event, they were all normal trailers, so I don't know why that was? Did they all just jump on the bandwagon to troll or what?
  10. Agree! I really liked playing on the EU2 server but the idiots were just too much. Nowadays I play on the EU3 server only. I don't have any means of recording the idiots and I don't want to go down that path, they always repeat offend so someone else will always catch them. I don't understand why they play that way, what do they gain out of it? I play this game because I enjoy it, I like chasing the achievements and visiting parts of Europe I'll never see. I have no desire to ram another truck or wreck someone, it damages your truck and theirs which cost money and where I'm at in the game I don't have money to spare, I earn it by doing jobs. Yes, I have one fully upgraded garage (the only garage I own) and 3 drivers but they aren't exactly earning big bucks! I know I'm in a minority with regard to cars (in a truck game?!?), they should either be removed completely or have their own server so they can bounce off each other without hurting trucks and ruining everything. There is absolutely no need to be driving cars in a truck game, you want to drive a car buy a car game, there's hundreds of them across many devices! If you do a special job they provide the van that runs infront and behind you so why bother with cars?
  11. Mine works in SP and MP... odd? But either way, they're free
  12. @StarSeed No, you don't have to pay to download the mod at all. It's completely free. I'm not sure what you were clicking, but of the two options you click "Free" and it there's maybe a minute wait then it downloads.
  13. Just did a livestock cargo and still didn't get the achievement. I did get 1/5 on Careerist and 2 on the Like A Farmer achievement, so they're working but still no live cattle. And you can see from the screenshot I completed a live cattle delivery.
  14. @ScaniaFan89 Yes, it's the Winter Mods; Frosty and Heavy. I've changed nothing since I last played, only the update to both games upon loading Truckers MP today. The mods were fine before, I installed them the day they were released and played that evening and for a few days after with no issue whatsoever.
  15. @SalePro Yes, I've played Single player in my profile (I only have 1 profile). No to other mods.
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