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  1. @Sebaus2028 - thank you for helping me when I got stuck yesterday, that was incredibly kind of you! :)

  2. Mine works in SP and MP... odd? But either way, they're free
  3. @StarSeed No, you don't have to pay to download the mod at all. It's completely free. I'm not sure what you were clicking, but of the two options you click "Free" and it there's maybe a minute wait then it downloads.
  4. Just did a livestock cargo and still didn't get the achievement. I did get 1/5 on Careerist and 2 on the Like A Farmer achievement, so they're working but still no live cattle. And you can see from the screenshot I completed a live cattle delivery.
  5. @ScaniaFan89 Yes, it's the Winter Mods; Frosty and Heavy. I've changed nothing since I last played, only the update to both games upon loading Truckers MP today. The mods were fine before, I installed them the day they were released and played that evening and for a few days after with no issue whatsoever.
  6. @SalePro Yes, I've played Single player in my profile (I only have 1 profile). No to other mods.
  7. I've changed the game version a few times and each time I get this when trying to load my last save. The Winter Mod files haven't been altered or moved since I installed them. There was an update to MP when I opened Truckers MP today, was that the problem? Are we just waiting on an update? I get this message in MP and single-player.
  8. Work through more achievements Excited for any new DLC's (maps, trucks, different cargo etc).
  9. Wish I understood more about Mods and updates! :huh:  Winter Mod working fine a few days ago now telling me to load an old save.

  10. Have just tried to log into MP and launch the game but it says one or more of my MOD's isn't working, I only have the Winter Mod. I played a few days ago and it was all fine now it's asking me to load an old save. Is something waiting to be updated? I tried ETS2 without MP and then with MP and both are the same. Is it just me or does anyone else have the problem?
  11. @Tomukas37 Thank you, that's fine @[ETS2MCG] Kien Giang Yep, definitely had the livestock trailer, I could see the cows through the slats. It's weird. Achievements are unlocking, because after that I did a few of the special transport ones and they unlocked perfectly okay. I'm going to try the livestock one again. Oh, and do you know the company name of the Scania Dealer I have to deliver too, or is it the same name I'm searching for as the delivery point? Does that make sense? I know I go to the Scania HQ, that's fine, I can do that and I can find the delivery of trucks but it's the end point I need to get correct. Last time I tried there were 3 or 4 different delivery points of that delivery.
  12. I'll try both... the Scania one I can understand but the Aria one, maybe it has to be from and to Aria company? I know my journeys were from that company but not to it.
  13. Maybe I didn't deliver to a Scania trucks dealer for that one... that makes sense. But I've definitely delivered live cattle from Aria.
  14. Hope it's okay to ask this here! I'm working on my ETS2 achievements. I'm having trouble with two in particular. The "Scania Trucks Lover": I've picked up trucks from the Scania HQ location 3 times now and delivered them and haven't got the achievement. I've looked at the community guides on Steam but all it says is to deliver trucks from the Scania HQ. Any idea if the trucks are meant to go to a particular location or company? I got the Volvo one with no issues. The "Cattle Drive" I've completed 3 times too and haven't received the achievement. I read somewhere it had to be from the Aria company but I've done that twice now and so I'm wondering if the delivery has to be to somewhere specific, like a farm or a company? Any ideas?
  15. I'm playing on my PC and it's wired to the router which is about 1 feet from computer to router. The only thing I can think of, is Dropbox was uploaded a bunch of photos today... that's now finished so I tried again and it's been fine, I just ran a job from Tuscon to San Francisco without getting kicked.
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