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  1. This was the other complicating factor indeed, I just was not gonna mention it. SCS ultimately controls who can see what paint schemes (which are technically their property even if you buy the DLC) so yeah that would be a very sticky situation to get into.
  2. I have felt for a long time that players should be able to see all paint schemes, even ones they do not own. Even if the could find a way to code that I imagine that it would place a burden on the servers trying to render all those paint schemes. Perhaps one day this will be figured out (maybe SCS can make it so that all paint schemes are visible, but the use of them requires the DLC). The one I imagine we will never see is the ability to use company skins in TMP
  3. Even if you are able to get your paint skins to remain when you load into MP there is an additional issue to consider. I believe they function like the various paint packs that can be purchased.Let's take the classic stripes paint pack as an example. I have it but if we encounter each other in MP, and you do not have it, it will not render properly for you and all you will see is a white or gray truck. I believe custom skins possibly function the same way. Someone please enlighten me if this is not accurate for skins as well. As an alternative we found default paint schemes to use as the proverbial "company colors" in MP.
  4. Samm, Good morning. If I am understanding your question correctly another potential solution is trucksbook. https://trucksbook.eu/ There is a platform that runs on PC playing the game on that will automatically log a employees jobs. There is also a way to monitor the overall statistics of all drivers, as well as compare them internally and externally. This will let you view their logbook for their history, plus have the ability to see their current job. There is a map feature that will let you see their location as well. There is also a dispatch system that will let you send jobs to them (but there are other solutions for that as well). If I am understanding your question correctly I hope this helps! Have a great day!
  5. While that is one option I prefer having the control to mute certain individuals, while still being able to interact with those I choose to
  6. Did anyone else experience no longer having a mute option {on the CB} after this was added yesterday? Can not find this anywhere now
  7. My concern is that their may be a conflict with the fact Idaho appears to require 1.38 to work...and that may be a longer patch process
  8. Bought it...and unfortunately it was as I feared..no TMP support yet. And since I rolled back the version now I get to go to 1.38 to play it :-(... Guess I will be changing versions quite a bit..
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