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  1. Hola, hay una cosa que no entiendo, por qué en algunas rutas sale que la distancia es desconocida? Cuando sale así, en el trucksbook no cuenta ese recorrido, dice que distancia recorrida 10km o a veces sale distancia recorrida 0kms. Hay forma de solucionar eso ?
  2. Hi @POW&R I could not find something about you told me on the rules. My mod paint job does not against the rules, I use only our Company logo.
  3. Hi there, checking the Steam Workshop I found many Mods working in MP like chasis, engines, some Paint Jobs, etc. I want to know how Can I do for my VTC can use a Mod in MP on ours convoys, I have a paint job for my Company! I ask this because I have noticed on Steam Workshop many mods working on MP. Thanks for helping me.
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