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Fixed DLC Heavy Cargo - Prohibited accessory in use (NetTrailer) bug

1) Dozer Crawl - Z35K (39 t)

2) Locomotive - Vossloh G6 (61 t)



Changed prices for the caravan cargo in Freight market (shows 0t, but actually >0t - 0.6t for example) (low cost) =)



Cargoes for the scout car in Cargo Market (shows 0t, but actually >0t - - 0.6t for example) (low cost)



Changed physics and brakes for the car (better way imho)

(+fixed fly car bug - can't reproduce)




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I installed the winter MOD as soon as I entered the TRUCKS MP. To be honest. I recognize the work and commitment. I know that a lot of work is done for any minimal gaming physics.  But it did not surprise me. Expectations were high. A permanent climate system is better. This is during the winter months in EUROPE the system would simulate the weather conditions, very similar to real life. Then we would have steam coming out of the truck exhaust in Mediterranean areas and southern France where it does not snow. Some snow in the areas of mountain ranges and plateaus prominently. Snow in areas of ascent and descent of these plateaus and mountains. The thickness of the snow is another important factor for. And that stubborn layer of ice that forms over time on the track in Russia, which truckers, skid the truck to get grip and start the movement of the tire with asphalt. A layer of millimeters of ice. Once this system is in place, it is time to give the face of hell with broken trees, Pine trees remain firm green, with snow and some green trees. The rain should not leave, should follow. Some days with rain and snow together I suppose exist. Other days of blue sky and accumulated snow, with no clouds in the sky. And the Europeans have a very detailed snow culture in some languages is well differentiated types and situations. All this makes for a great system. After this phase the ideal was to use these types of generated winter times and associate it with information from Wealther, which is the most accurate meteorological site there is. Everything online updated every 10 minutes what they think! Of course, it will not be 100% synchronous. But it will allow a very good time diversity! Picture among friends at TRUCKERS MP:

- Where were you?

... In Portugal. Serra da Estrela, I got heavy snow.

- SNOW !! In Portugal?

... Yes. But in Lisbon it was good 13 ° C -

Damn, my truck skidded a lot to get out of the garage in Vyborg, Russia, -15°C formed thin but treacherous ice, I had to be careful.



There would be much more appeal.  But one thing at a time, talking, giving an idea is easy, criticism for criticism is easy. For this I try to be constructive, the MOD is good, it is a base for great evolutions. I believe in this and support.


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Thanks for the quickly update.

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IIRC, if TMP were to block the physics mod, they would be basically hindering an "agreement" made by Grimes and themselves. But that's what you have rules and guidelines for with these mods. Honestly, as long as you keep control of your truck with the physics mod enabled, you're doing everything right.








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As a new Player to the TMP mod it was a nice surprise to start off with the winter mod and enjoy the scenery while enjoying mp. Of course I had all ready been enjoying it in single player. I agree the physics mod is fine when your in single player but on mp it was holy heck as people slid into others I felt bad when I slid into some one so I set out to be reading what was the physics mod about one thing it changes your braking so you cannot brake as quick . I simply changed my brake setting to a higher setting and i was not crashing around at stop lights etc. I hope it gets brought back. :)


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On 2/8/2019 at 7:28 PM, mwl4 said:

Update released, changes:

 - Port to Euro Truck Simulator ver. [ 681a4ae447f4 ]

 - Port to American Truck Simulator ver. [ 681a4ae447f4 ]

 - Winter mod is temporary disabled due to incompatibility with 1.34 game version.


Winter mod is has just been updated to 1.34.



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