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  1. a BIG thx for the update! For the double rules, i dont think MP will removed it, a part of germany is still available
  2. uhm, i think you quote the wrong message, because i was not replying to you xd
  3. Goodmorning people

  4. Wow dude calm down, the team is working hard to update it remember they are humans to, they got a life beside TMP
  5. Happy birthday

  6. Everyone wants to play 1.35 on MP but we need patience, TMP is busy with updating it. remember they do it for free and TMP team have school and work to.
  7. 15 min left bois

  8. we will see ;p
  9. i think TMP is waiting for the release of Washington so they can update the whole stuff.
  10. Keep calm people! the MP team is busy with upgraden so we all can enjoy 1.35 in MP
  11. Morning truckers, how is the traffic? i have to go to St petersburg today dont wanna be in a traffic jam ;p

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