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  1. what do you all think is best, mince pies or custard pies 


    start voting now 

  2. https://imgur.com/7KUOVVx   any fix for this please ive downloaded and installed 4 times now and the same thing keeps happening 

    1. Titanic4


      Have you tried to start the launcher as administrator? This usually fixes such problem.

    2. Allan 20155

      Allan 20155

      nope same thing happens 


  3. cant reach update servers 


  4. you can play in dx 11 now on 134 ive been playing with dx 11 for a while now GO to This Pc / users / dopey / documents/ euro truck simulator 2 then scroll down till you see a file called config.cfg click on that your computer will ask which file to open with click on note pad. once opened scroll down to uset r_device "dx9" change this to 11 and click save. but this will only work if your graphics card supports and operating system supports DX11 usually a 760ti 2gb and windows 8 or above or you may experience game suitableness and random crashes. to do this in ATS its the same procedure. This is a disclaimer if your not computer literate do not try this as this can cause serious complications to your game and you may loose data of the game aswell.
  5. You be pleased to know the update for ATS had landed this evening...


  6. so as i said 72 hours there abouts its the 9th today for 3 days = 72 hours not in game time like many think
  7. From what i belive that TMP are waiting for the ATS update to drop which is due within the next 72 hours it all depends when SCS will release the update. also there are many changes with the new update in both ATS and ETS and making them work with the Mod is not easy this is why its taking a long time to make the mod compatible again. also the DEVS here are not on your time there not being paid there volunteers just like the rest of the TMP team and have very real lifes outside a computer ie family, work ect ect and trust me i feel them because im a working man my self and the last bloody thing i want to do when i get in from work is sit at a computer screen doing more work, so quit ya whining and be patient. You can still play ETS and ATS on the older versions and TMP will update you when they have made a break through in making the mod compatible again
  8. yo Ollie is that you next to a mini heheh :)

    1. ImOllie


      It is indeed.

    2. Allan 20155

      Allan 20155

      can i borrow your mini one day lol

      also bro i wint show Elvis that picture of you you know what hes like :wink: :wink: lol

    3. ImOllie
  9. Hi, why do we have to wait so long for your devs to update the game when KAT_pw was here he would of had it done with in a cuple of hours after the #SCS update was out. we have seem to gone back to square one again where the mod is run by slow people its frustrating for everyone to wait. you want this to be the best mod around you guys need to step it up a bit. 


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Allan 20155

      Allan 20155

      but its frustrating with no updates just the same old message time and time again a bit of explanation goes a long way with people. let your community know what going with updates :) im just frustrated that all :) and been waiting patiently


    3. SgtBreadStick


      Binary changes and updates are more complex, also Kat didn't do game updates, he just manages the server and web-side of stuff (iirc).

      Also Kat is still here (i think anyway), anyway dont complain because at least there is still continued support for MP.

      The people aren't slow and are the best at what they do, it is hard work to basically reverse engineer a game and implement all the changes and making sure it's compatible.
      Not to mention the difficulty of putting it on the server and clients.


      It only took a few hours years ago because updates were not so complex, this update is a pretty big update due to a whole new game engine which will take ages to make compatible.

    4. Allan 20155

      Allan 20155

      Thank for the update #SgtBreadStick i understand now so im not frustrated i just have to keep waiting. 


  10. my internet is very good thanks and the specs of my is i way above the minimun requirements as you can see my internet speed below
  11. OFFICIAL WARNING regarding CDkeys, Instant Gaming, G2A, Kinguin and other steam key reseller sites

    #1 Post by Carthoo » 28 Nov 2018 14:41

    Hi everyone,

    This subject has been brought up before, but recently a number of you have approached us regarding questions about CDkeys today, here's our official answer.

    These sites are RE-SELLING steam keys - and you will not be able to know where these steam keys originated from, or how they were acquired. They could be stolen, bought with stolen credit cards or one of many distributors may have lost them (or "lost" them to some of their employees). They may have also been taken from other regions with different pricing - and WILL NOT WORK for your region. There is also a chance they're valid.

    In any case, you have no guarantee, that you'll get the key for your money. And if you do get it, there's no guarantee that you'll keep it. Stolen steam keys or keys bought with stolen credit cards may be deactivated on STEAM without ANY REFUND.

    MAIN SIGNS of a stolen steam key are a big difference in price. For example - if you see a game not yet released being sold for half the price than what developer is advertising, you can be 99% sure that this steam key is stolen/ bought with stolen credit card/ or there was a big mistake in pricing (you can't make profit on selling something for lower price than what you bought it for). 

    Also, these reseller sites do not confirm the identity of the seller. That's the reason, why some of them offer you a "guarantee" in case of steam key you bought doesn't work. That "guarantee" is given with an extra payment and it's no guarantee at all - if the key or card payment shows as being stolen, they WILL be deactivated - leaving you with empty hands and NO WAY to get your money back.

    If you want to support the developer, the best way is to buy directly from them, from steam, or from highly regarded sites like humble bundle, green man gaming and some more. While there are sites who are our official distributors where you are guaranteed to get "good" steam key, Steam and other sites we named are 100% sure that your money go where they should, and that your key is guaranteed safe and legal. And if not - receipts from these WILL get you a good key, or a refund. this was tacken from the SCS website just be ware kids 


  12. please please fix this in your new update the truck drawing distance to be increased from 150m to 220m which would avoid crashes not only that the drawing distance does not work sometimes it only draws players in at only 10m by then its too late expecally when your doing 60 mph on the c-d. its happened to me 3 times today and i am getting really annoyed with it so how about fixing the simple stuff first like server lag issues and drawing distance issues before updating and also updating the server not to allow thoes who use the NCZ hack to connect and and spoil it for others. you wanted a view from a real player there you go you got one
  13. Suggestion Name:new rules regarding cheating and a possible reinstatement of the anti-cheat system with a perma ban function Suggestion Description: same as above Any example images: n/a Why should it be added?: i remember the first time i signed up to truckers mp there was a anti cheat system in place where the system would detect a cheat code such as a NCZ hack and it would not let the players connect to any server. recently the anti cheat system was removed this was a bad move because it allowed users to connect to the servers with the intention of cheating/hacking to cause damage to other people trucks and cars spoiling the game for other users. i think this system should be reinstated to stop the influx of players coming in to the community and causing mayhem for other players that enjoy playing with in the multiplayer community. furthermore i think it should be reworked to auto ban / IP ban these players if they are detected by the servers if they are using such cheats and hacks this way it would ease the work load of reports and ease the workload for the admins and they can concentrate on other areas of the map that need admin interaction. the only reason why i make this suggestion is because ive been hit 15 times in 2 days from people using the NCZ hack not only on the C-D its in ither areas of the map aswell. I'm sure if many of you agree there should be such a system in place
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