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  1. ManoDelta Released

    Thanks Guys. Autobots roll out
  2. ManoDelta

    TruckersMP Survey

    Research answered, I hope that our suggestions will help improve truckersmp. Good game and drive safe.
  3. ManoDelta

    Be careful while recording...

    I agree with you, this happen alot in DC road, and some people cause accident just to record for their youtube channel. Some people parking inappropriate, ex: trailer to close to road (diagonally) causing accidents.
  4. ManoDelta

    Which Truck Should Come In Your Opinion Of Tuning Package ?

    We need Volvo Tuning Pack.
  5. ManoDelta

    Truck or car?

    Only Truck
  6. ManoDelta

    Why are the only few users playing ATSMP?

    For me ATS have a good map size and any player can spend alot of hours delivering, about the quantity of trucks I think the player can drive only 1 truck, so if you like the game you get any truck pickup you load and drive. If someone don't play ATS the reason is not the map size or the numbers of trucks, because in ETS2 alot of players drive Calais-Duisburg have 490 Kilometers of distance (304 Miles), but ATS have a beautiful road Los Angeles > San Fransciso have 930 Kilometers of distance (577 Miles), explain to me how this is small or less fun? Yes ETS2 is more popular because the game age, truck brands and map size, but if you like american trucks go play ATS and help to populated the server, if you have a company organizer convoys and record to youtube. I try to suggest a populated route for ATS:
  7. ManoDelta

    Should Truckersmp disable the speedlimiter?

    In my opinion the speed limit is fine, this is not a racing game, the game simulated the real life trucker and you never drive a loaded truck above 110 km/h. I suggest to improve the speed limit around repair station, garage and companys should be 50 km/h, because we dont need to race in streets.
  8. ManoDelta

    EU & US server should get merged

    One server is the best idea to improve player base for ATS, disable the EU server and keep the US server (because ETS2 have alot of servers).
  9. ManoDelta Released

    Thank you for the quick update, lets run.
  10. ManoDelta

    Favorite truck brand poll

    Volvo have beautiful trucks (VNL series ).
  11. ManoDelta

    Describing D-C Road With One Word

  12. ManoDelta

    What’s your favorite truck?

  13. ManoDelta

    TruckersMP 2k19

    Happy New Year to everyone, Hope we have more good drivers and less bad drivers on the roads.
  14. ManoDelta Released

    Thanks TMP team for the winter update.
  15. ManoDelta

    [SCS Blog] Euro Truck Simulator 2 - Steam Awards 2018

    Voted , Hope ETS2 win.