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  1. i'm staying in Milano recently, maybe will move it to Barcelona
  2. i like to listen to Simulator radio while driving or spotify discovery lists to add new songs into my playlists
  3. i play ets more just because there are more people playing multiplayer but i want to play ats more, in crowded servers of course
  4. New actros for MP, dashboard is easy to read for laptop screen, navigation is big enough, model is high quality and sounds are balanced. for sp i use XF 105 mod. nowadays
  5. I like ATS more because of it's atmosphere but still playing ets more bcz of more trucks, dlc's
  6. Maybe i should open a photo gallery

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    2. EHHVTC l HandCuff

      EHHVTC l HandCuff

      Everyone has a ''media corner''

    3. creepergamingboy


      yes do it handcuff ❤️

    4. [GER] Elias

      [GER] Elias

      why not give it a try :D 

  7. All DLC's + All wot event prizes like cabin accessories and paintjobs
  8. still waiting for frosty mod. mod is updated for 1.34
  9. Frosty mod is updated for 1.34 please update tmp
  10. Devamı gelir inşallah 1 etkinlik ile kaldı. neredeyse 1 yıl geçti üstünden
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