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  1. @~Ciprian-Ionut~ Can you please delete this post completely and permanently a.s.a.p.?
  2. Spring mod is really nice thanks for adding it. hopes for ATS
  3. it's all okay then, no problem
  4. ''stop putting all people in the same bag.'' ? i didn't put all the people in the same bag. i wrote my opinion about speed limit
  5. 1) there is already 1 arcade server for racers 2) i really hope limit will be reduced to 90 km/h one day (except autobahns in specific countries like romania)
  6. Added new photo 26/03/2020 World of Trucks ''Editor's Pick'' photo in UTAH
  7. Hello i am HandCuff from EHHVTC. I take part in charity events or special events as media team member or convoy control. My roles in our VTC are examiner, lower manager and media team member. I would like to share my ETS2 and ATS screenshots here and show my work some with graphics mods some without. World of Trucks ''Editor's Pick'' photo in UTAH (26/03/2020) New photo added 02/04/2020
  8. still waiting for frosty mod. mod is updated for 1.34
  9. Frosty mod is updated for 1.34 please update tmp
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