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TruckersMP stream calendar

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Hello truckers and fans of TruckersMP!


In order to improve our live streams and make them more structured we are introducing a new stream calendar.  To do this we have set up a Teamup calendar.


Why Teamup?

Teamup allows us to create a calendar on which we can have different people adding and sharing events. It also provides us with the ability to set up different access types for different user profiles, set up different calendar views and for users to add individual events to their own calendars on different platforms and apps to receive notifications in advance for when an event is about to start.


Stream calendar


You can find all information about the upcoming streams on the different TruckersMP channels in the calendar below. For each stream you can find the following information: Stream title, presenter, game and description (optional). Each stream is also marked with a colour marking the channel that we will be using to stream on. Each stream will be added and announced at least 1 day in advance to give you time to add it to your agenda. Note: all times shown in this calendar are UTC.

Use of each channel

  • Twitch
    • Casual streams
    • Events
  • Youtube
    • Q&A streams
    • Casual streams
    • Events
  • Multistream (announced in advance)
    • (Large) Events


Saving an event to your own calendar service

Teamup allows you to save events to your own calendar so that you will get a notification when the event is about to start. You can find all information on how to do this here: https://calendar.teamup.com/kb/export-events-other-calendars/


See you out there!


TruckersMP team

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Thanks for sharing this information. I think it would be better to have a calendar on the forum and as I know there's already such a function provided by Invision Community.

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Guest drew_TMP

Hi is the truckersmp stream calendar on the tmp launcher it would be good just to open the launcher & click on the link & see what is going on 

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