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  1. In fact, the speed limit of 110km/h is very good. This greatly limits the occurrence of accidents.
  2. I think voice navigation is very good, I hope it can be improved better.
  3. First of all, you have to consider whether the horsepower of the vehicle is too low and the cargo is too heavy, which causes your vehicle to be unable to move, leading to the situation of driving slowly.
  4. If I can't see clearly during the day, I will choose to turn on the near-light, but usually it is rarely turned on. At night, I am basically a near-light, and the high light rarely turns on.
  5. 欢迎您加入 Truck Community Truck Community 属虚拟公司制度,目前DLC暂无限制,但每个月至少要运送5000公里的货物 欧洲卡车模拟(Euro Truck Simulator 2 ) 美国卡车模拟(American Truck Simulator) 我们有指定的调度员给您派送货物 联系我们 语音频道(Discord) https://discord.gg/NtcZw7A 我们的媒体社交 (YouTube) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCD_50-JsvzUWKYvc8yNjTYg 我们的官方网站 http://truckcommunity.wemorefun.com QQ群 99056224 我们期待你的加入 Truck Community
  6. Let's look forward to the return of the winter model.
  7. I don't know what to do, just send this sentence, haha ha.
  8. Open online plug-in prompt, no response has been reinstalled many times, suddenly this is the case, how is this?
  9. Why did you have this car? Was it a code change? https://prnt.sc/lvztmo
  10. This update, updated skoda, blue LED flash light, I love this light, because it looks much more handsome than the previous light, when can they change to the yellow warning light that players can use? I love this LED flash!
  11. I think skoda is enough. After all, it's not very good for car compatibility.
  12. Is this illegal modification?
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