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  1. Neillyd

    Game Crash

    Hi All Since the new update my game has crashed 3 times all when i get close to the Euro Tunnel. Is anyone else having this problem?
  2. I play on EU 3. is this what you mean hardware? i can't do the g_developer 16 thing before the server kicks me because game freezes. I reinstalled TMP and done the Windows + R commands. my ping is always between 38 and 40 and it is still that when game freezes. this is what it is atm.
  3. Hi all Thanks for your answers, I’m going to try these options and I will let you know the outcome
  4. Hi, i keep getting a message when completing a job on mp, that i've been kicked due to a unreliable connection although my ping is only at 38. Does anyone know why this would be happening or how to fix it? Thanks in advance
  5. Yeah I wonder too, why that road? What’s so special about it, why not another road?
  6. Happy Birthday for Tuesday

  7. Yes 2018 was a good year for TMP, and to top it off with the winter mod, amazing, well done
  8. Have to say, this is the best winter mod yet, at least from the ones I have used. Brilliant job
  9. Talking of support, it would be a good idea to have more game mods so there is a better chance someone is on while these trolls are active, I sat in a queue the other night for a couple of hours because One person was blocking the road. Loads of people reported him and if a game mod was available then the situation would have been sorted in minutes instead of losing hours of game play.
  10. This is my aim, to climb the letter, help make tmp a fun place to be
  11. Neillyd


    Hi All Thanks for all your help, I found out that if i change gear to neutral then back to drive it will change gear up and when I am slowing down and do the same it will change gear down.
  12. Neillyd


    Hi, is there a problem with the cars in mp not changing gear?
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