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IMPORTANT: This is the last x86(32 bit) version.   Hello, new update is here.   Changelog: Support for HTTPS; New backgrounds in login screen; Dynamic library d3dx9_43.dll is no longer requir

d3dx9_43.dll contains one function that we used some time ago for nametags, but now we do not use any function from this library, so it is no longer required. In fact some people has problem with this

K. No idea what any of it means... apart from the new backgrounds. But good job.

  1. Dynamic library d3dx9_43.dll is no longer required;
  2. Moved project to v140_xp toolset;


Can someone explain to me what these mean? Is the D3D library not required because ETS2 already handles getting a graphics device? And what's this toolset?



Is 64 bit version any better than 32?


Yes, hopefully! I believe we'll have less crashing due to out-of-memory errors, which are very likely on a game with lots of trucks in one place!

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