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  1. I finished downloading it successfully. Am i the first lol?)
  2. In opposite to many others here, I just want to ask devs to NOT update the mod/servers tonight at least So our convoy will run without interruptions.
  3. Yes, I meant this. It's even more dangerous when you speeding like 160 kmh on EU2 by narrow country road, as well as incoming truck Btw, a page ago, Is that the same issue? Can't find this topic.
  4. Do incoming trucks still appears (dangerously) too close or it's just for me? Point me out to discussion about this issue pls.
  5. I'm sorry, this was sort of answer to Solaan about extending NCZs (which I don't want). Not sure my thoughts are important enough to be an another suggestion.
  6. No. No more NCZ's. They are ruining realism. Better improve spawn mechanism: if you try to spawn in some collision area, server must instruct client where is a nearest NCZ where you will be automatically teleported. Or even better (but probably harder to implement): spawn players as a ghosts (which other players can see but can't collide with) for a time of several seconds with auto-extending this time if you're still "inside" other players.
  7. I downloaded and installed it yesterday without problems. Redownloaded file just now and compared MD5 sum (with the yesterday's one). They are the same, so its probably something wrong with your browser.
  8. There are buttons in a bottom part of TAB window.
  9. Yeah, no more crashes for me. So I can play again. Thank you very much for this update! Traffic lights seems to working properly, finally. Nice. But I also noticed that people lags more than in previous patches. And Rotterdam (as well as some other popular cities) still remains to be the place of hell (fps drops and long freezes). Good luck with next updates, I believe sometime we'll have perfect, all-synced and lag-free mod.
  10. Fun fact is that I had no crashes before (0.1.2r2) this update, lol. Now I have them up to every 5 mins.
  11. Sorry, didn't read older forums, I joined the mod community about half a month ago. Explain me, what would make online experience worse if speed limiter was say 110 km/h instead of 90? Rammers do ram with any limit (and get banned), normal players (like me and others) know when it's safe to drive over 90km/h and when it's not. I dont blame anyone, it's not my mod and devs free to do what they want to do.
  12. +1 for 110 km/h limit. It's pretty boring to go alone (on hiways located far from popular cities) at 90 km/h without other players or AI traffic nearby, freeroam is even more boring (no realistic feel without collisions). Anyway, big thanks to devs for making this great mod. It brings a new life for ETS2! P.S. I'm not a rammer btw, I know the rules and driving a car in real life, it's just a random nickname that was free to register
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