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  1. KnoxVegas

    Version Released

    Great thank you!
  2. KnoxVegas

    Seeking a VTC

    Very cool! Glad to see some more Tennessee People!
  3. KnoxVegas

    Seeking a VTC

    If you haven't found a place or applied anywhere else, KVTrucking or KnoxVegas Trucking is a 18 and older VTC for ATS and soon to be ETS2, we are currently working on our system to accept both ATS and ETS2 jobs. We have a huge TeamSpeak and many members that are willing to play and help with just about anything. We currently have 100+ members with about 80 or so of them pretty active in our community. You are more than welcome to hop on our TS3 server if you want or check out our website or forums. Still growing and working to make our VTC the best we can and the most fun we can as well.
  4. KnoxVegas

    Arizona DLC

    Pretty excited about this, looks great. I love the buildings in the small town. Very true feeling.
  5. KnoxVegas

    Arizona Teasing

    Pretty excited about this, I just can't wait to get some more states and more area to breath!
  6. KnoxVegas

    I'm little confused and i need ur help

    ^ for sure this is the best way. I know for me personally f7 and enter works the best.
  7. KnoxVegas

    Peterbilt or Kenworth?

    I like the cab of the kenworth the best, but I think I like the peterbuilt better though. Not sure I really like both the newer style ones. The 900 is not my style personally.
  8. KnoxVegas

    Switch to singleplayer when new trucks release!

    I believe once they have a few more states then this will make anything new better. And hopefully we wont have the lag issues.
  9. KnoxVegas

    A braking challange for you!

    Wow didnt know they could sound different that is pretty sweet!
  10. KnoxVegas

    ATSMP launch error

    SCS did a sneaky up-day it looks for the mac osx though and some other fixes!! Love the updates though! Better than most games and there 6 month updates/ yearly updates.
  11. KnoxVegas

    Where Will Be America's Rotterdam?

    Oxnard is for sure crazy, its a ton of fun to go through with a convoy, but man it can be deadly sometimes with all the traffic!
  12. KnoxVegas

    Does ATSMP have traffic?

    It would be a little nuts to have AI cars in MP for sure. But if you are in the larger areas you will almost always run into some other players.
  13. KnoxVegas

    A General MP Question

    Yeah once you play with the right set of people, you will really enjoy the MP experience. You just have to make sure you get in with that right set. Make sure you join a group that has a TS, or Discord. Once you do it will be like driving real trucks down the road!
  14. KnoxVegas

    Post Your Truck Sim Fails!!!

    Out did you hit a guard rail? That kinda looks painful!
  15. KnoxVegas

    There is a new Radio Station in town !

    Gotta start somewhere! Good luck!