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  1. Dopaa

    Happy birthday bro!

  2. Remember! ATR is looking for more DJ's. Head over to our forums to apply!

    1. Zirox


      American Truck Radio...keep up Krav

    2. Guest


      ETR is having a baby! I'm honestly surprised that is still going ahead, but good luck anyways.

    3. OriginalDoubleO


      Good luck, ETR/ATR or watever I should call you.

  3. EuroTruckRadio.com Live with DJ Shannon

  4. http://puu.sh/mAAmi/e551c328d8.png Think you will find that is 152 listeners :)
    1. Show previous comments  12 more
    2. Zirox


      Locked before it gets too much. Cheetah take it to PM.

    3. Rick


      If you must know Lirik listened to it with 25k viewers. The proof is there if you wish to find it.

  5. Thanks MWL and the dev team! Once again a great update!
  6. http://ets2social.com For all your ETS2 Social Needs!
  7. Remember guys! Eurotruckradio.com is live 24/7 with your favourite DJs!

  8. Great update.. But does anyone run XP anymore?
  9. Możesz również porozmawiać w IRC w polskiej holu .
  10. Miejmy nadzieję, że google translate działa dobrze tutaj: Chciałbym być wielką szansą dla EuroTruckRadio być oprócz polskiej społeczności. To może być wielka rzecz dla obu communitys. stóg ETR Założyciel.
  11. Is it plugged in via a USB hub. I have one. Make sure the power lead doesn't fall out and try another USB port.
  12. Great! Cant wait for the updated Tab list!
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