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In this guide I will show you how to change the colour of your license plate's text!


WARNING: This won't work if you have an active license plate on World of Trucks. Make sure to remove that before proceeding.



Step 1: Setting up your save profile.

To do this we will have to edit your save profile. First we need to make your profile save in a format that can be decrypted. Go to the ETS2 My Documents folder: 


(C:\Users\[Your username]\Documents\EuroTruckSimulator2)


and open the config.cfg with Notepad.

Once you've opened it, press Ctrl + F and search for g_save_format and change the number to "2", as seen below.


Now start the game, sign into your desired profile and then quit the game so that it can auto-save in the new format.



Step 2: Save Editing

For this step you will need to download the save decrypter from here.

Go back into your ETS2 My Documents folder, and open the profiles folder. (Not profiles( or something like that. Those are backups the game makes when it updates.)

If you look at the "date changed" of the folders there, you'd see your most recently used profile will have the most recent date and time. (If you don't see that, click on "View" at the top of the window and selected "Details" from the list) open that then open the save, followed by the autosave folder. Paste SII_Decrypt.exe here. Before we do any editing, it's best if you make a backup of the game.sii, in case something goes wrong.


Once that's done, drag the game.sii over the SII_Decrypt.exe and it will decrypt the save profile. Now, open the game.sii with notepad. The easiest way to find the line we want to edit is to search for you truck's current license plate in the game. Mine is "KE 51 000", so I'll press Ctrl + F and search for that.


You should find a line looking something like this:


license_plate: "KE 51 000|denmark"


Just to make sure it's the correct truck, look at the lines below it, they will tell you what make and model it is.

Sometimes if the plates have some sort of coat of arms or sticker on them, the line will look like this:


<offset hshift=2><img src=/material/ui/lp/czech/frontb.mat color=FFFFFFFF width=5 height=50>


You can just leave it be, or erase it if you don't want to have the sticker on your plate. While you are here you could also change the text and country of the license plate. This is a handy method to get different vanity plates on different trucks, unlike World of Trucks' single vanity plate applied on all of your trucks.


"KE 51 000|denmark"

Red: Text of plate

Blue: Country of plate



Note: You can only use countries that are in the game. If you write something like "argentina" it will only crash the game, or give you a blank plate. You also cannot use special symbols like $%&@ etc. Dashes ( - ) are allowed.


Now, to the colouring part. To change the color of the text, you must place this between the " and start of the text of the plate:


<color value=FF088A85>


FF - Transparency - You don't need to touch this, so just leave it there.

08 - Blue channel
8A - Green channel

85 - Red channel


NOTE: In comparison to traditional color codes, the blue and red channels are with switched positions. We will fix this later when we pick ourselves a new color.


This is how your line should now look:

license_plate: "<color value=FF088A85>KE 51 000|denmark"


Next, we will go to this website to get the colour code of our desired colour.

We will select a colour, then copy the highlighted value:




Next, we go back to the game.sii and change the color code, as shown previously. You must keep the "FF" infront (That is the alpha channel for the opacity which needs to stay as it is.

Now, the line for the license plate will look like this:


Remember, we need to switch the blue and red channels, so the code "00FF26" will become:


license_plate: "<color value=FF26FF00>KE 51 000|denmark"


Now save the text file and close it. Now when you go into the game, you will see your newly coloured license plate.










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Maybe you've written something wrong in the save that doesn't let it load. Did you try putting in your backup game.sii to see if it fixes the issue?


EDIT: Scratch that, you got the problem with the config.cfg file. Are you sure you saved it in .cfg format? If you've saved it as a text file, like .txt the game probably won't be able to read it.

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What would I change "|france" to for a british plate? I tried gb, greatbritain, england, britain, and it just wont work...

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As for now, I figured out the magic behind the hex color codes for license plates.


Here's an example: 

<color value=FF008F31>

That should yield a green similar to the Scout car (Skoda) logo. The eight characters are divided in four, two per value. So it'll go as Alpha value, Blue value, Green value and Red value. For some reason, I don't know why Red and Blue are swapped, but it's tested and working!


For a full red, it should be FF0000FF, green should be FF00FF00 and blue FFFF0000.

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<color value=FF088A85>



I tested it and found:


  • HTML color code applies to the first 6 digits of the value. In the quoted example, it is "FF088A".
  • The last 2-digit value of the color value, I guess, represents the brightness of the selected color. It may scale from 00 to 99; when the 2-digit value is 00, the license plate is black, and when the value is 99, the color of license plate is the same with the HTML color.
  • if the last 2 digits are missing, the license plate would be blank, or maybe all letters become white? I'm not sure because my license plate has a white background color.

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