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  1. оh okay i'll wait Okay i'll wait, no worries
  2. Hi, maybe i'm posting this question in wrong topic, but y-day i reported 2 players, and none admin have claim and review it. Can you do it?
  3. Nice guied, i will try it! thx!
  4. Wooow, man! Thank you soo muchh!!!
  5. Are we still able to participate at it? Can i try to participate? I have 24 usefull posts, but i can speak english good in my opinion. .so i'll try Goog luck
  6. Nice videos! 1 sub from me!
  7. This will help so. I don't ise ts, or smth other. This will help me a lot.
  8. YotOver

    Car with trailer

    Yea, do you report him?
  9. Yea, i had in mind ATS
  10. Тази тема, май е замряла, като гледам? :Д Има ли нова, или какво? :Д
  11. I had this problem too! To solve it: Go: Steam>ets2>right click>properties>game files>verigy game cache.
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