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  1. I dont think so but it doesnt matter. I bought a new copy of Euro Truck Simulator 2 on my new account.
  2. Yes, im logged in. Still doesnt work.. But i dont need to see that
  3. It says "Only owner of this profile can see longer history of penalties" but i am the owner... Why?
  4. Nice! How do i do the FM thing? You know when the next recruitment will be in progress?
  5. I saw some people asking if any player could be an admin. Is that true?
  6. When I join Europe 1 i get kicked for invalid accessory set detected. Why?
  7. Ohh ok ty Is it always going to be like that? That its not allowed to drive there?
  8. Why is it not allowed to have cars at Europoort? Just asking!
  9. It says that my ban expires 20:39:27 (Sweden) And its 20:57 now.. :/ Why am i still banned?
  10. How do i do to see a players TruckersMP ID?
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