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  1. http://forum.ets2mp.com/index.php?/topic/15129-common-problemsquestions-please-read-before-posting/ See if your problem is listed there.
  2. Doesent look like a offensive name to me, not sure why you was banned but oh well.
  3. I've seen this before but sometimes when you get closer to the player it starts updating and showing how far away they are, or they are alt tabbed.
  4. It appears to be fine to me, have you had any internet related problems before and also what PC specs do you have?
  5. If you want to have your workers work faster than you, you will have to use singleplayer as the time in MP is ALOT slower than singleplayer sorry.
  6. Right click on Euro Truck simulator 2 in your steam library and make sure it says "NONE-OPT out of all Betas" on betas tab
  7. I had this earlier aswell. It also said it was my internet for some reason, I just restarted the game and it worked again have you tried doing so?
  8. What are you using? Keyboard, steering wheel, xbox controller? maybe the cruise control already has a key overlapping it?
  9. This is normally what happens after you have edited some sort of file, and then gone back into the game, thats why its telling you that a game change has been detected. But it can also be mods that can cause this message to pop up.
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